Build Ideas for Bolter Rifle (Vid)

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Build Ideas for Bolter Rifle (Vid)
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3 years 297 days ago

One question: On your third build, why do you not take the +5% damage to Salvos, on the left branch of the ranged combat tree? It would add to the RMB-attack, and you have spent points on that branch anyway.

The Boltgun is my favorite weapon, and I tend to use a mix of what you advise, mostly because I am too lazy to swap points around between single- and group-play.

Maybe I have missed it, but you could have stated at the start of the Video how many skill Points are needed for your builds...

3 years 298 days ago

May have to try this on the mid ranged Crusader (hate to admit it but I seem to like maxing the range with a needler when needed or Exitus rifle on the Assassin to match the distance with the enemies). Good job as always. Hopefully the 10%  on kill is not a glitch and it is the description that is glitched so this build stays this way.