Inquisitor Level up rewards too high to use


From level 1-20 I believe you unlock access to a new type of item.  In addition in the loot box when you level up with an inquisitor level you will get an item of the type you just unlocked.  The bug is if you are leveling up an alt, the new item will be of the level of your highest level character.  For example I have a rank 28 Crusader and decided to level up an Assassin.  Any time my Assassin gains an inquisitor rank she receives a level 28 item of the type she just unlocked which, of course, means she can't use it.

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Inquisitor Level up rewards too high to use
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6 years 142 days ago

It is a known bug. Kind of annoying, but they are working on it. Get the same thing between my Assassin (lvl 30) and my Mid-ranged Crusader (lvl 20) and my Juggernaught (lvl 15). Likes to spawn level 30 in rewards for sector and level up. 

6 years 151 days ago

Known bug and they working on it. Happens all the time not depending what box you open. Only the stuff that was droped in the level is on the toons level you play.