For supporters Throne Agent Pack
  • Early Access (Alpha & Beta)
  • Full Digital Game (at Release)
  • Participation in various polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits
For devotees Interrogator Pack
  • Early Access (Alpha & Beta)
  • Full Digital Game (at Release)
  • Participation in various polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits
  • Exclusive Pet (Servoskull Pet)
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook
For collectors Master Inquisitor Pack
  • Early Access (Alpha & Beta)
  • Full Digital Game (at Release)
  • Participation in various polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits
  • Exclusive Pets (2 In-Game Pets)
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook
  • Special Emotes
  • Collector’s Ornate Box (Resin) *
  • Unique T-Shirt with Your Name *
  • Inquisitor’s Chalice (Resin) *
  • Map of the Caligari Sector (Cloth) *
  • Caligari Credit Coins (Metal) *
For enthusiasts Grandmaster Pack
  • Early Access (Alpha & Beta)
  • Full Digital Game (at Release)
  • Participation in various polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits
  • Exclusive Pets (3 In-Game Pets)
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook
  • Special Emotes
  • All Future DLCs for Free
  • "Eternal Glory" (Wall of Heroes)
  • Collector’s Ornate Box (Resin) *
  • Unique T-Shirt with Your Name *
  • Inquisitor’s Chalice (Resin) *
  • Map of the Caligari Sector (Cloth) *
  • Caligari Credit Coins (Metal) *
  • Inquisitor’s Pendrive (16 GB) *
  • Signed Hardcover Book *
  • Exclusive Half-Day Studio Tour **
Throne Agent Pack
Digital game only
Throne Agent Pack
Included in Digital Throne Agent Pack:
  1. - Early Access (Alpha & Beta) & Full Digital Game (at release)
  • Participation in Various Polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits Under “Special thanks”
Interrogator Pack
Digital contents only
Interrogator Pack
Included in Digital Interrogator Pack:
  1. - Early Access (Alpha & Beta) & Full Digital Game (at Release)
  2. - Digital Artbook (At Release)
  3. - Digital Soundtrack (At Release)
Bonus In-Game Extras:
  • Participation in Various Polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits Under “Special thanks”
  • Exclusive Pet (Servoskull In-Game Minion)
Master Inquisitor Pack
Digital and physical contents
Master Inquisitor Pack
Included in Master Inquisitor Pack:
  1. - Early Access (Alpha & Beta) & Full Digital Game (at Release)
  2. - Unique T-Shirt with Your Name *
  3. - Inquisitor’s Chalice (Resin) *
  4. - Collector’s Ornate Box (Resin) *
  5. - Map of the Caligari Sector (Cloth) *
  6. - Caligari Credit Coins (Metal) *
Bonus In-Game Extras:
  • Digital Artbook (At Release)
  • Digital Soundtrack (At Release)
  • Participation in Various Polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits Under “Special thanks”
  • Unique Character Emotes (At Release)
  • Exclusive Pets (2 In-Game Minions)
Grandmaster Pack
Digital and physical contents
Exclusive Studio Journey
Half-day Studio Tour in Budapest **
Grandmaster Pack
Included in Grandmaster Pack:
  1. - Early Access (Alpha & Beta) & Full Digital Game (at Release)
  2. - Unique T-Shirt with Your Name *
  3. - Signed Hardcover Book of Stories & Arts (At Release) *
  4. - Inquisitor’s Chalice (Resin) *
  5. - Collector’s Ornate Box (Resin) *
  6. - Map of the Caligari Sector (Cloth) *
  7. - Caligari Credit Coins (Metal) *
  8. - 16 GB Inquisitor’s Pendrive (Handmade Metal Casing) *
Bonus In-Game Extras:
  • All Future DLCs and Expansions for Free
  • Digital Artbook (At Release)
  • Digital Soundtrack (At Release)
  • “Eternal Glory” (Instant Appearance on the Wall of Heroes)
  • Participation in Various Polls
  • Your Name in the Game Credits Under “Special thanks”
  • Unique Character Emotes (At Release)
  • Exclusive Pets (3 In-Game Minions)
Digital contents For supportersThrone Agent Pack For devoteesInterrogator Pack For collectorsMaster Inquisitor Pack For enthusiastsGrandmaster Pack
Early Access (Aplha & Beta) Early Access (Alpha & Beta)
Full Digital Game (at Release) Full Digital Game (at Release)
Participation in various polls Participation in various polls
Your Name in the Game Credits Your Name in the Game Credits
Special Pet (Servoskull) Special Pet (Servoskull)
Rare Pet (Torchskull) Rare Pet (Torchskull)
Exclusive Pet (Cherub) Exclusive Pet (Cherub)
Digital Soundtrack (at Release) Digital Soundtrack (at Release)
Digital Artbook (at Release) Digital Artbook (at Release)
Special Character Emotes (at Release) Special Character Emotes (at Release)
All Future DLCs and Expansions for Free All Future DLCs and Expansions for Free
"Eternal Glory" (Wall of Heroes) "Eternal Glory" (Wall of Heroes)
Physical contents
Collector’s Ornate Box (Resin) Collector’s Ornate Box (Resin) *
Unique T-Shirt with Your Name Unique T-Shirt with Your Name *
Inquisitor’s Chalice (Resin) Inquisitor’s Chalice (Resin) *
Map of the Caligari Sector (Cloth) Map of the Caligari Sector (Cloth) *
Caligari Credit Coins (Metal) Caligari Credit Coins (Metal) *
16 GB Inquisitor’s Pendrive (Handmade) 16 GB Inquisitor’s Pendrive (Handmade) *
Signed Hardcover Book (at Release) Signed Hardcover Book (at Release) *
Grandmasters’ special journey
Half-Day Studio Tour in Budapest * Half-Day Studio Tour in Budapest **
For supportersThrone Agent Pack Buy $39.99 For devoteesInterrogator Pack Buy $79.99 For collectorsMaster Inquisitor Pack Buy $299.99 For enthusiastsGrandmaster Pack Buy $999.99

* The extra physical items included in the Master Inquisitor and the Grandmaster Packs can not be bought separately. They are the rewards of the Founders who buy these tiers.

** Traveling fees not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing the game during The Founding period, please note that WARHAMMER 40,000: INQUISITOR – MARTYR is currently an alpha build with many of its features currently under development, some of which will only be available in the final release.

Read the FAQ carefully before fully committing to acquiring the game, and if you do,
be prepared to leave feedback occasionally!

The Game
What kind of game is Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr?
It is an Action-RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It is the next step in the evolution of Action-RPGs – a game where you can develop your character for years in a huge, persistent open world sandbox and shape the outcome of major events. It’s not only an intense, action-packed game where you hunt down the enemies of Mankind, but it also gives you the opportunity to create communities, build allegiances or wage a secret war in the shadows against other power groups, sometimes even attacking fortresses of other players and maintaining your own.
When will the full game be released?
We estimate the base game to be completed in Q3, 2017, but a lot depends on the Founding.
What is "The Founding"?
It's an opportunity for early adopters and our core audience to try the game early, and by doing so, to help us refine the game before the final release.

See the questions below for more.
The founding
When does The Founding launch?
February 10, 2017.
What’s the purpose of the Founding?
We’d like to invite the most dedicated players of our community to help shape the base gameplay until it reaches its final form. Based on your feedback and gameplay experience, we are planning to significantly expand the game over the next 3 years; however, in order to create content that could last for thousands of gameplay hours, it needs a solid foundation. Basic gameplay elements need to be finalized (such as the combat, mission and loot system), but not without feedback. We’re hoping that with the help of the community, we’ll be able to deliver an enjoyable core experience.
Why not use Steam Early Access?
Steam Early Access has a wider reach, but at first (at least in the early stage of the Founding) we’d like to focus on a narrower group of early adopters who are really interested in the game and its setting. It is possible that later we’ll try Steam Early Access for a shorter period (although currently it’s not planned), but if there are enough players for wider tests, then we’ll stick with the system of the Founding.
What are the packages and what do they contain?
Here you can see the tiers of the Founding.

The most important thing: keep in mind that it does not contain the full, final game yet, but buying even the smallest package grants you the full game at release and all its free content updates in the future.
When will I get the extra physical and digital items?
Most of the content is being developed and manufactured during the Founding continuously, and will be made available during this phase as well. All physical extra content will be ready in approximately May 2017 and we'll be sending out to everyone who purchased the Master Inquisitor or Grandmaster Pack. Shipping will be free. The only exceptions are the signed hardcover art book and short story collection, these will be available at release. Digital extras will be available some time during the Founding.
Where can I buy the packages for the Founding?
In the Neocore Store.

(You’ll be able to buy the full game at most bigger online stores at the launch of the final base game, if you decide to wait.)
Why are the packages not cheaper for early adopters?
For similar reasons: we’d like to invite people who already know what they’re getting involved with. It’s all about transparency: the Founding won’t offer a perfectly realized game, on the contrary, it won't even contain 10% of the final game, but we are talking about a whole world in development.

The Founding is for players who’d like to get to know the process of developing a game and who are willing to endure the hardships with us through the early builds. If you want to help us make a better game, if you want to be one of the first players, if you'd like to see how Inquisitor - Martyr takes shape (and you’d like to own the full game anyway), then it’s absolutely for you.

If we give the game away for a cheaper price, many people would buy the game just because it is cheap – but it wouldn’t be an ideal outcome either for the game or for the players. We don’t want to raise the necessary funds for the game with the money coming in from players. The Founding isn’t about that and we’re not expecting masses of players. We expect participants who want to play this game for years, and if they find that the price is right for the game, they would be glad to play it even during the early development stages.

We don’t want to attract early adopters with a discount (there will be plenty of discounts later anyway), but with special gifts that you can only access during the Founding (such as exclusive story missions, a position in the Hall of Fame, skins, etc.).
Can I post video content / streaming of the alpha build?
We'd like to ask for a bit of patience. First of all, the current test build is not representative of the final release of the game. Second, The Founding should only invite players who know that this is a testing phase and are willing to help us shape the game. However, we don't strictly forbid posting video content eventually, but please be very clear about what this build represents and that this build is for testing purposes only, and not the final release of the game. This information should be included in video descriptions and titles, and told in the actual commentaries as well. Read the FAQ carefully and make sure you follow player feedback and official developer announcements about updates and changes.
How can I help the development of the game?
If you’re in the Founding and play the game, you can help us simply by telling your opinion. There will be questionnaires at every update on various features, and we’ll be very active on our forums, listening to your feedback. We’re building a new community page merging a devblog, a development update log and a forum, just for this reason.
If I want to share my opinions, where can I do that?
Most importantly, on the aforementioned community page, but we’ll be very active on various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) and other forums, although our community site will be prioritized.
Alpha and beta
Is the Founding an alpha or beta testing phase?
Both, practically. At first, players will be able to download the "alpha build" of the game, and by playing it and giving us feedback, eventually we can refine it.
How can I join the Foundation / alpha testing?
By purchasing one of the packages in the Founding at the Neocore Store. The basic package contains the playable build (and the full game at release, with access to free updates). In the packages we provide Steam keys, as the game will use Steamworks on the PC.
What platform is the alpha testing / Founding on?
PC only. (The full game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One as well.)
What are the system requirements to play the alpha build?
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7+ (8 / 8.1 / 10)
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i3-2120 (3.3 GHz) / AMD CPU FX-6300 (3.5 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 (2 GB) / AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2 GB)
  • DirectX: 11
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB of available space
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7+ (8 / 8.1 / 10)
  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i7-2600 (3.4 GHz) / AMD CPU FX-8320 (3.5 GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (3 GB) / AMD Radeon RX 480 (4 GB)
  • DirectX: 11
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB of available space
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Please be aware that throughout the development process, we will continue to make adjustments and optimize system performance. As such, these system requirements are subject to change.
If there’s an alpha testing phase, will there be a beta testing phase as well?
Yes, during the Founding there will be monthly updates, and the beta stage is part of that update schedule.
What language is available in the game?
At the start of the Founding only in English. But we’ll add more as we can, so you might want to check back.
Will there be restrictions in the Founding build of the game? Which content will be available?
Yes, during the Founding you will not see the full game. We’re focusing on the open world and the base gameplay elements in combat missions. We don’t want to spoil everything before releasing the full game, let there be surprise and novelties for everyone! For the content update plans, check out the detailed roadmap!
How often will the game be updated with new content?
Approximately every month.
What’s the development plan?
We have a Roadmap!
Do we lose our progress in every update?
Only once in a few months ;) We’ll give you a heads up when such an event occurs. This is just the nature of the development, but not all things are lost: there will be certain account stats you can carry into the history of the sector, and these will be carried over.
Can I carry my save / progress / achievements over to the final, released game?
Sadly, no. When the Founding is over and the full game is released, every player starts anew. You need to create a new character, and most of the account stats will be reset. However, as mentioned before, your contributions to the history of the sector will remain intact, and you get to keep your skins.
What kind of classes can we access during the Founding?
First, the Crusader. A bit later, the Assassin. We’ll reveal a third class later (who will be playable during the Founding).
Will there be multiplayer during the Founding?
Yes, at least co-op is for certain, since this is the basic gameplay mode. We’ll experiment and test with PvP modes as well, but what remains from these in the final game, will be decided with the help of the community (depending on how well they play). We’d like to test co-op with more than 4 players (eg. Boss Raids), but depending on tests we’ll see what we can keep in the final game.
How many players can play together?
We’ll include the standard 4-player co-op, this one is certain, but we want to test PvP modes and special quests as well, where we hope to push the limits, but we can’t say if it happens in the final game.
Can I play offline?
You need a permanent online connection to play Inquisitor - Martyr.
Can I play alone?
Yes! We designed the game to be an equally enjoyable experience in single player and in co-op and there won’t be any restrictions for any of the game modes and they won’t affect each other in a constraining way. We try to balance the loot system so that it won’t prefer any game modes and it would be beneficial in both.
What kind of missions will be available during the Founding? Can we play throught the story mode?
Players won’t be able to play through the story campaign, it’s reserved for the final release. We’re planning to include 50 mission types in the final game, of which 10 will be available early in the Founding, but with new updates, there will be always new mission types and investigations added to the build.
What kind of enemies can we encounter in the game?
Two main factions of Chaos will be our main enemies: the hordes and daemons of Nurgle, as well as their followers, and the Chaos legion of the Wordbearers, with renegades helping them. Later, still as part of the Founding, you’ll encounter Rebel militia and the Black Legion. In the final game, you’ll see three more large factions.
The Founding Roadmap
Alpha Build
The Alpha Build of the game introduces the basics of the game and the core ARPG battle mechanics. It has two main segments: the ARPG action maps and the first region of the Starmap that will later slowly grow into the vast open world.
In this build you can only access a limited version of the Starmap, which currently is purely functioning as a mission selection screen, but that will change. In the next build we’ll activate the basic mechanics of the open world gameplay and each new milestone after that adds new and improved functions. In this build you can access the randomly generated mission system, the daily missions and the weekly Glory.

The randomly generated ARPG maps in Inquisitor – Martyr are built of pre-fabricated segments, which are tied to various environmental settings. In the current build you’ll find two different test settings, an indoor and an outdoor environment, which will help us to fine-tune the sizes and the visibility. In the final game you can expect 8-10 environmental settings, with 1-3 sub-settings each.

The main goal of the current build is to properly adjust and finalise the combat system, which is a mix of the classic ARPG gameplay and tactical elements. This is where we are really counting on your feedback and your help.

This build will focus on the character controls, the use of skills and weapons, the movement and skills of the enemy units, the enemy group AI, the cover system and the weapon systems. The executions and the massacre gameplay feature will come later.

Inquisitorial Background: Crusader
Inquisitor – Martyr has three very different classes that each offer plenty of options to experiment with specialisations. The first available class will be the Crusader Inquisitor, a slower, Tank-type character with heavy armour and heavy weaponry. The Crusader is the ideal candidate to adjust the basic settings and if we can get the timing of the combat right with this class, we hopefully won’t have any major problems with the setup of the rest. The two other classes rather rely on player skills, and the Assassin-type Inquisitor with the dodges and the stealth option requires a focus on the micro-level gameplay, while the Psysker Inquisitor uses Warp powers that enables an entirely different combat style.
Expanding Open World
The Starmap in Inquisitor – Martyr represents the open world sandbox. It’s the mission hub and the centre of all management functions, also the framework for the community and story features. In the current build we begin to activate some of these features.
Inquisitors are the agents of the Imperium who sometimes go on lengthy investigations to reveal the more complex threats to the Imperium of Man, represented in the game as a chain of random generated missions. These short micro-campaigns are influenced by player choices during the briefings and after the missions: the former option will determine what kind of assistance you can rely on during your mission, the later will steer the course of the campaign, setting up the next mission.
Mission Crafting and Uther’s Tarot
Uther Tiberius used to be a legendary wanderer of the Caligari Sector – a hero to some Inquisitors, an enigma to most. His heritage is the collection of strange, card-like artifacts that react to the changes in the Warp and the fate of its wielder, helping to determine the path an Inquisitor should take. In the game you’ll be able to gain and spend Fate points to use Uther’s Tarot. By combining cards from the Minor and Major Arcana you can create your own missions with unique, customised challenges. These Tarot Missions grant significantly greater rewards and this is your best chance to get valuable loot.
If you decide to focus on completing missions in a particular System, you’ll start progressing on a special chart that unlocks special rewards along the way. In case you have reached the end of this chart, you’ll start competing with other, similarly dedicated Inquisitors – the Inquisitor who collects the most Glory points becomes the official Protector of the System. Being a Protector grants a unique pet, which only remains in play until the person is the Protector.
Basic Crafting Functions
You (well, strictly speaking, your Tech-Priest under your supervision) can craft unique items by using blueprints – and artifacts can be salvaged as well. Equipment re-skinning is also available.
The Inoculator and Skillcrafting
The Inoculator is a special device that produces a potent chemical cocktail and injects it into the Inquisitor’s bloodstream. In game terms this a booster skill that you can customise. By combining the various available components you can set up what your Inoculator does – it can be used for healing, buffs or active skill modifications.
Account Leveling
The most important and the longest part of the progression that comes after reaching the maximum character level.
Perks are very powerful passive effects available on a limited number of slots and they can modify your character build.
Content Updates
  • 2 new environmental setting variants
  • New Crusader weapons and armour
  • A new star system
  • New unique locations in the star systems
Assassin Inquisitor
This milestone sees the introduction of the second Inquisitorial background. Playing the Assassin Inquisitor relies strongly on the player’s skills and requires a dedication to details. A stealth-oriented, quite vulnerable class, though at the same time it can deal out the highest DPS in the game with her dodge moves, unique combat armour types that enable hiding and the manipulation of time, not to mention the special Assassin weapons.
Inquisitorial Cabals are groups of Inquisitors working together. This milestone will unlock the basic functions of the Cabal system, like founding new Cabals, joining Cabals, setting authority levels, Cabal XP and the Cabal Progression Tree.
Special Starmap Locations
New and unique Points of Interest will appear in various systems, introducing RPG-elements and management functions.
Puritan and Radical Factions
Inquisitors are divided between two major factions, the conservative Puritans and the more pragmatic Radicals. The choices between the investigation missions or during global events and Faction Missions influence the character’s standing on the Puritan/Radical chart. Reaching certain milestones on this morality chart activates different bonuses, and the shift towards one of the extremes can lead to very unique scenarios, like a Radical Inquisitor wielding Daemonic weapons to fight fire with fire.
Content Updates
  • 1 new environmental setting
  • 2 new environmental setting variants
Inquisitorial Fortress Building
Players can create their own secret hideouts, which will appear in the game as special ARPG maps when other players try to get in and take away precious loot. Fortresses are customisable and they also introduce the concept of the secret wars Inquisitors wage against each other. This milestone enables Fortress building, while the next milestone unlocks the whole system and the siege.
Imperial Rebels
There is nothing more foul than the soldiers of the Imperium who turned heretic. Introducing a new enemy faction with more than a dozen hostile unit types.
First Season
Seasons are free content patches focusing on a very strong central theme. A Season will run for 3 months and it will introduce new enemy types, new conflicts, new investigations that fill out the background of the season and the global events.
What else can we expect during the Founding?

The end of the test Season will culminate in the introduction of the Grand Investigations and the global events. The Black Legion makes a grand entrance as a new enemy faction. Fortress sieges will be part of the gameplay. There will be new environmental settings and variants. We’ll unlock the Boss fights the Primaris Psyker Inquisitorial background.

We’d like to test the Player Arena Gameplay Mode, which is a direct PvP mode: if it works, it can be implemented into the final game, if not, it will be only part of the testing phase.

What can you expect at release that was not part of the of the Founding?
There will be even more new environmental variants. The game at release will incorporate the story-based single player campaign. The campaign will feature vehicular combat at certain points. We’ll enable the Cabal Wars and unlock three new enemy factions (Alpha Legion, Night Lords and the Dark Eldar).

Welcome to the Neocore Store, Inquisitor!

Please be advised that our game: Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor martyr is in Active Development State.
If you'd like to be part of The Founding campaign you must read this developers' message carefully:

What is "The Founding"?

It's a founder campaign following the development of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr from the alpha build up to the final release. We have reached the alpha state with the game, with the riskier and more uncertain developments behind us. We can see now what we can accomplish and what we can't - the next step is to create a fun, enjoyable game from this basis.

We'd like to invite players and certain members of the press to help us realize Martyr's final form.

Who's it for?

This is for the early adopters who'd like to be there in the early days, helping out developers even in times of struggle, until the game reaches its final state. This is for the players who'd like to help developers with their feedback to create a great game. We can't promise to make all the suggested changes, but we'll always pay close attention to what you're suggesting.

Who should avoid this?

Players who only like a polished, finished product. At this point, Inquisitor - Martyr is no such game, far from it. We're building up from the basics and we'll add more and more layers to it during the Founding. It will have many bugs, it will be unbalanced, and not always fun.

Players who just want early advantages before release should avoid the Founding as well. We'll hit the reset button multiple times during this stage. At release, we'll reset all accounts, you only get to keep skins and the experience of playing.

You won't get the game cheaper this way either, it's a founder campaign offering the game on its base price (and with more expensive tiers). If you want the game at a cheaper price, there will be plenty of opportunities after release.

Please read our FAQ carefully before you consider acquiring any of the game packs!

Thank you for your support and never forget:

The Emperor Protects!