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About Me

I am 27. I am from Russia. I live in Moscow. Since 2010 I have been a freelancer and a drawing tutor. I have also worked as an assistant to organise drawing and painting studios. Since 2015 I have hold my own Studio ManaMake https://www.artstation.com/manamake I have done everything there to be exact drawing characters, comics, storyboards, planning, system and project management. Since 2017 I have given classes on effective thinking being a Life Coach. We build a system of human values. We work with a depressed mood. We help to find themselves out of doldrums. We change the human worldview. Since 2019 I have been delivering seminars and lectures on drawing and the personality development. I lead refresher courses for artists. I am fluent in English. (7 out of 10) I can develop scenarios, concepts of the worlds, keen on their outworking. I also study psychology, sociology, geopolitics, human history, art history, brain work, anthroposophy, religious studies. I study human behavior and society in different eras and situations. I read books on business and entrepreneurship. I play computer games as my occupation requires it. I possess a high level of Visual experience. I make moodboards and references in large numbers. I compose technical tasks for artists at all stages. I work on the philosophy and methodology of Agile corrected for the realias of the production, reality and life in general. I practice common sense. I see collaborating with people and building relationships i