Your UI files are corrupted!


ince today i wanted to play martyr i get ever after load the Fatal Error...

"Your UI files are corrupted!"

I have do the discripted steps... but it help not...

1. Open regedit (win+r -> regedit), then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NeoCore Games\Warhammer Martyr\ and delete everything there

2. Reinstall the game

can anyone help pls ??? :( my video card driver and all other are up to date

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Your UI files are corrupted!
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4 years 286 days ago
The issue got fixed on our backend no new client needed. Please check on it.
4 years 286 days ago

That I have do also but they have found no errors...

4 years 286 days ago

Open Steam, go into your library.

Right click on Inquisitor Martyr and go into properties.

Go to the third tab (Local files)

Click on the last option (Check files for errors).

I have an german steam, so i might translate it wrong.