[Xbox] Update for Inquisitor - Martyr | May 29


Updates for Martyr have been released. Please make sure that your console has downloaded the update fully. The game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.


New Features

  • Added a notification popup screen when players install a DLC that contains a new POI
  • The button tied to the Ready function has been changed in Matchmaking for consistency


  • Various stability improvements
  • Numerous graphical improvements
  • Several GUI and quality of life improvements
  • Fixed crashes occurring on the  Through the Fire and Flames mission
  • Fixed a crash occurring on The Doomed City mission
  • Fixed a crash occurring during the usage of the Psychic Powers panel with the Psyker class after a mission
  • Fixed a random crash that has occurred upon starting a Warzone Battle
  • Fixed several non-progressing Achievements
  • Improved navigation on the Lootbox screen
  • Fixed an issue where a Priority Assignment could be ended without playing any missions
  • Fixed an issue where the player could move while using emotes
  • Optimized the visuals of executions
  • The Collateral Damage meter now shows the proper value during the Charbydis Outpost investigation
  • Corpses no longer levitate on Floating Platform and Giant Rails tilesets
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to unlock the Astropath Agents research on the Cabal Tech Tree
  • Optimized the cutscene skip method
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[Xbox] Update for Inquisitor - Martyr | May 29
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5 years 32 days ago
The new Bunker store need a fix the Relics can not fused with other also mod changeing not work with so pls take a look on and fix it thx 

5 years 35 days ago
Hollow Bliss disappeared from my downloaded Priority Missions after the patch and is showing up as requiring separate purchase (on the XBOX Imperium Edition). I understand that Charybdis Outpost is separate from the Season Pass but I believe Hollow Bliss was included in the Triglav Sector updates.
5 years 55 days ago

We would like to deeply apologize for the issue still being present ingame. Our internal tests showed good results prior to the release of the patch. We will investigate the issue and push out a new patch with the fixes as quickly as possible! 

5 years 55 days ago
Still getting crashes on Doomed city I'm sitting at 6 so far today and counting.
5 years 55 days ago
Game just crashed starting a warzone mission. Never happened before (to me, at least). 

You succeeded in adding new bugs. Well done.

5 years 55 days ago
Just downloaded the 23GB patch. Doomed city still crashes. 

This is ridiculous

5 years 55 days ago

I love this game!  I’m glad you guys keep updating and are working on more content.