[XBOX] Update for Inquisitor - Martyr | | Dec 10


Following a maintenance period today, updates for Martyr will be released. Please make sure that your console has downloaded the update fully when the maintenance has ended. The game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Please note that due to various factors, there may be slight differences in the actual time the patch goes live (within the range of 1-2 hours). Thank you for your understanding.

New Features and Changes

As a compensation for previous issues, all players will now receive the Mask of the Martyrs cosmetic helmet item upon login. (Players can equip the mask by interacting with the Extras panel at the Command Bridge and selecting it from the dropdown menu.)

  • Detailed Crafting Preview
  • Added detailed tooltips for Advanced Crafting Materials and Tech Tree improvements
  • Players can now preview locked Tarot cards to see their unlock methods
  • Players can now check the System influence rewards at the System info panel
  • New Tutorials added for Special POIs
  • Increased the amount of morality points players can get during Priority Assignment investigations
  • Added Background descriptions for Local Co-Op characters
  • Added a Loading indicator for the following GUI Panels: Leaderboard, Cabal Browser, Player Info
  • Added a more detailed description for the Executioner buff and the Surprise skill
  • Added audio presets and a Video volume slider to the Audio Options
  • Increased dialog clarity

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a block during the mission 'The Inquisitorial Fortress'
  • Fixed an issue where the achievements related to ingame awards such as 'Killstreak' would not track in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where the Player could unlock the Mechasapient achievement by learning the same upgrade multiple times
  • Added missing Starmap videos
  • Fixed a crash caused by Starmap videos
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects and the background music occasionally went silent during missions
  • Defense mission optimizations (pathfinding & AI)
  • Fixed an issue where players could not interact with Ragna van Wynter on the Command Bridge
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck at the beginning of the Terra Incognita mission
  • AoE spells cast by the player no longer do damage to the player's cover
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would get stuck when returning to the Command Bridge after the final Boss Fight
  • Fixed an issue where the second player in Local Coop were unable to use emotes
  • Fixed an issue where both players in Local Coop would get low HP indicators when only one of them is in mortal danger
  • Fixed an issue where the Objective icons would not refresh on the Warzone Nemesis Battle window
  • Fixed an issue where the Player was able to do quick turns while using the Melta Gun and the Inferno Pistol, which resulted in an effect glitch
  • Fixed an issue where the Player would hear Guardsmen dialog even if no Guardsmen were around
  • Fixed a duplicate button on the Warzone Nemesis window
  • The Warzone Battle dropdown box selector is now accelerating at the proper pace
  • Fixed an issue where the game would count the Warzone XP twice after completing a Warzone mission
  • Fixed an issue where the Player was unable to select previous Battles on the Warzone Boss window
  • Fixed an issue where the using Teleportation skill would not grant the Player a Surprise buff
  • Fixed an issue where the descriptions of the Infiltrator and Sniper classes were swapped in French
  • Fixed an issue where the Riposte buff would not stack properly
  • Fixed an issue where Players were unable to donate the specified amount in the 'Pay Tithe to the High Lords' cabal directive
  • Fixed an issue where a placeholder background would show up in the matchmaking window when using it in a Party
  • Fixed an issue where the Player would be unable to cancel targeting when using certain skills
  • Fixed an issue where the Player could enter the Triglav Subsector via Priority Assignments before unlocking it at Ragna van Wynter
  • Fixed an issue where the Favour Boost consumable would not show up in the Data Terminal after activation
  • Adjusted in-game cutscene canceling, preventing accidental skipping of cutscenes
  • Added missing status indicators below the characters during Local Coop missions
  • Added missing notification at random missions stating that only the Party Leader is able to start the mission
  • Added a missing player counter for the Tarot matchmaking window
  • Added the missing sound of the Skulldust DLC emote
  • Added missing text to the Virtual Keyboard of the Cabal Creation process
  • Optimized controller disconnection handling when playing Local Co-Op
  • Fixed the missing influence reward (10 crafting materials) of the Rotwang System
  • Fixed the swapped Investigation choices in the Mind Plague DLC
  • Fixed the tracking of the Master of War Heroic Deed
  • Fixed an issue where the Versatile Operative Heroic Deed could be unlocked without killing a single enemy
  • The Relic Hunter Heroic Deed now has a new requirement (Open 50 Reliquaries during Missions)
  • Various UI fixes and quality of life improvements
  • Major Localization updates for all languages
  • Stability improvements
  • Various typo fixes
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[XBOX] Update for Inquisitor - Martyr | | Dec 10
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5 years 190 days ago
  • Increased the amount of morality points players can get during Priority Assignment investigations

So this is listed a s anew feature but does it actually work? I've tried doing a bunch of priority missions and, yet again, I'm not gettig any options that give morality points. One assignment just gave me a single choice at the start (none with morality points) and then I had to play FIVE missions in a row with the same objective (kill all enemies) just to complete the assignment. I ended up with just as much damage to success too, so only get about 3 glory points. For so much time invested, to not get any morality and very little rewards total it seems like Priority Assignments are still broken. Played more since then, with similar outcomes. 

I've done the campaign multiple times now, done everything else in game, all the DLC, Warzone etc and I just need to max out the morality bar for that last achievement - kind of frustrating that it's literally impossible to do right now, and has been the same since launch.

I thought that you mentioned you were going to give morality choices for every Priority Assignment? Or is this not possible.

5 years 206 days ago
Hay man.

Thanks for the advice.

I play warhammer on my console and a Xbox one x.

And my loading time is less then 30 sec so when it went up to around 5 min the fault wasn’t on my end.

However they have sorted it out and it is back to normal.

5 years 206 days ago
Have you tried a SSD instead of the normal HDD? I bought one because the loading Time for Missions was so long. I stopped the time from Gamestart to my first Step in the Mission:

HDD: 4:39

SSD: 1:30

Try it

5 years 207 days ago

Good job on the fixes.

However the game is pretty much unplayable since patch. 

Leaderboards are bugged.

It takes ages to load you inventory.

It takes ages to load missions.

4/10 times you have to relog after missions to get the reward.

This is all in comparison to the patch before this.

When can we expect a hot fix?

5 years 211 days ago

The mentioned DLCs will come in January to console according to our plans! How you meant the Tier2 Warzone? 

5 years 212 days ago
Shweet. This is the reason why I keep coming back and playing the feth outta this game. On a side note, when are we getting City of the Suffering, Faith Undone and a Tier 2 Warzone??? 
5 years 215 days ago
Dam, nice job guys, thank you!