Xbox Psalm-Code Doctrines


Xbox One

This Psalm-Code Doctrine does not appear in the buff bar, character sheet,  or provide any module difference.

+20% Damage bonus on Hit taken for 3 seconds. Stacks 15 times. Nova, Haemo-drain, Technomartyr, Hypergheist, Hermeticon, Binharic

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Xbox Psalm-Code Doctrines
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2 years 347 days ago
Zippo 0nline
We will re-check this then, thanks for replying back!
2 years 348 days ago
I haven't seen any noticable difference when running it on an armor or weapon.  I ran several maps switching between them then tried again while switching them in mission and nothing :(
2 years 348 days ago
Although the doctrine is not increasing the values on the Character's sheet nor in a form of a buff but you can see the value of your damage multiplying as it stacks.