Xbox One vs Xbox One X performance?


Xbox One = bad performance for me.

I just bought the game on it and am LOVING it, but the performance is crap on Xbox One so far as I can tell. Is Xbox One X vastly superior performance? I might want to get it for this game, and other things ofc, but if this game doesn't massively benefit from it then I won't bother.

Does anyone have any idea if Xbox One X has performance akin to the PC? From videos I've seen, it seems to be much better than my Xbox One experience with the game, so I'm ready to start making plans to buy one.  But I'd like a word here!

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Xbox One vs Xbox One X performance?
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39 days ago
Thanks guys. I'm in a weird place about it right now. I badly want to play it but with the xbox series x right around the corner (along with Cyberpunk) I think I'll likely wait to buy that one. I think you started me down that path with your heads up actually Brother Kundari rofl.

But idk, since the lady wants to play it maybe I'll play it on xbox one until she gets hooked and then segway into playing it on our powerful PC's, but we'd both prefer it as a couch experience. Gaahhh lmao. I've waited for years to play this game and I swear it seems it's never the right time to do so XD

45 days ago
I have an xbox one x and it runs like glass man, really good too....  since you bought it from the store just keep your same account and you should be able to just download it again on the new system, I cannot see why not....  just don't change your gamertag and you should be golden man, peace out.....  the emperor protects....  
50 days ago

Well, you figure out what you do in the end.

In case if you do not already know. When the Xbox X Series comes out, all Xbox 1 games WILL be working on Xbox X Series as well. Yes, that means if you buy a game on disk for Xbox1 it WILL play on Xbox X Series as well.

And when Playstation 5 is coming, no games, NO GAMES from the PS4 will work and be playable on PS5.

52 days ago
Brother Kundari
Ack yes the game I meant lol. Complete normally $80 edition. I think you're implying this but to be clear before I spend hundreds of dollars, you do mean that buying it on the Microsoft store for Xbox One of course means it *will* be usable on Xbox One X because I'll be using the same account, right?

(I've looked into PS4 pro btw and I hear it's a less powerful system so it probably wouldn't run the game quite as well, AND I'd have to spend an extra $80 to buy the game yeah probably sticking to the Xbox One X) 

52 days ago
You bought the full/complete thing. This "thing" of yours, are you talking about the actual Xbox or are you referring to the actual Inquisitor game?

I assume you mean the game in this case.

So, in that case, you are planning to get a Xbox 1X. Okee. Then why would you buy it (game) again, as you say?

Do you plan on making a brand new different account and gamertag and everything or something? If yes, then of course you will have to buy it all again.

52 days ago

Also wait a minute - I bought it through the Microsoft Store for Xbox One, the full/complete thing while it was on sale.  Would I need to buy it *again* on Xbox One X? 

52 days ago
Yeah damn it seems like this is the way to go. @Brother Kundari, it's an Xbox One, not an S, and I know this because the S didn't exist when I bought it and I'm still not 100% wtf the difference is lol.

I have to ask because I've been realizing I should consider this as well, but is there an equivalent PS4 package that's at least as good performance-wise as the Xbox One X?  Maybe I should go for that because I don't have any playstation at all as yet. 

52 days ago
Are you actually running it on an Xbox 1 or Xbox 1S?

Not that I am playing it on Xbox myself, but running it on an Xbox 1X I will imagine it will be a major upgrading yes in performance. Based on my own experience with Xbox games in general I also know that having some games installed on an External SSD disk compared to the Internal Disk is even a further HUGE improvement.

53 days ago
I play on the X one X and it runs completely smoothly. The framerate dips a little bit (really a little bit) if I round up 30 mobs and explode them all at once so hard that their body parts go flying. But this is only for 1 second and even then it has like 30 frames. This happens like once per week. Any other time it is easy and smooth.

So yeah, runs perfectly