Xbox One Floor Tile Boundary Issue in Maps with Large Tileset


Xbox One X

GT: Caur

Characters: All

Character is unable to cross many "boundaries" between tiles in maps that have large tiles as the floor. Character has to skirt the edges of the tile to find a way past. Relatedly, when using storm shield on crusader I seem to get stuck on things that don't appear to be obstables. Unable to reliably use the charge function of the storm shield. All in all, there are issues with some floor tilesets that will stop characters when traversing across the tilesets where they intersect when no obstacle is visible.

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Xbox One Floor Tile Boundary Issue in Maps with Large Tileset
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3 years 259 days ago
A screenshot is not really an option. If it helps, the issue occurs right at the seams where the tiles join together. I did zoom in as far as I could to make sure there were no other legitimate obstructions. As far as storm shield goes, sometimes charge works and sometimes it doesn't, even in areas where there is no debris visible on the screen in the path of the charge. That issue is independent of the tileset in use in the mission area. As a note, my melee assassin charge ability seems to work as expected and in the short time I have played her, I haven't encountered the issue when she charges.
3 years 259 days ago

If there is a chance could you please send me a picture of your screen when encountering such a problem next time? That would be helpful!

3 years 260 days ago
yup, noticed that too and that is imho directly related to the lack of destructible environment (even though in all fairness I have notied that it is possible to destroy objects, you only need to put massive effort into it and they just phase out instead of slowly crumbling to bits). If the physics engine of this game was better none of this would happen. I lost count how many times my melee crusader was stopped by tin barrels or completely invisible objects. I mean I am wearing power armor. Why can't I just stomp through nurgle slime but run into an invisible wall instead. Just another bug killing this game. Wonder if it ever will be fixed. I - for my part - am starting to lose hope when all I get are noncommittal responses  like what @MEGAPULL‍ answered me, with vague allusions that steps were already being undertake.... whatever that may mean - especially on consoles