Best Ways of Earning Fate ?!?


Hi all

So i am now at the point in the game where the best way to earn good exp and relic//items is to do Tarot missions but as we all know at 100 fate a pop its not cheap!

The thought of doing 10 missions earning 11 fate at a time doesn't feel me with joy and seems rather excessive.  

Am i missing a trick or is there more ways to "farm" fate?

So guys n gals please share your ideas with me//us//the community for the greater good!



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Best Ways of Earning Fate ?!?
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4 years 269 days ago
Sell yours Purple items.And when playing tarot there is a card that gives you back 5-20 Fate.
4 years 269 days ago
A few ways will work, creating new character and working up main campaign drops a load, like 900 or so.

But if that seems nuts lol, then go to aetheon and fly through easy missions, eleven a mission most the time.