Wrong statis casket, when changing between characters


Hello dear developers,

I noticed that when I load another older crusader character the statis casket contains the weapons and equipment of my nonseasonal assassin and not the crusader! I think that is wrong. Where does this come from and how do I get the statis casket of my crusader back when I want to play with it. I assume that this error would also occur if I started with my tech adept now.


Peter Martin Berg

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Wrong statis casket, when changing between characters
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110 days ago
I don't think we will make the stasis casket character-specific. You have the option to expand your storage by one tab. You just need to link your Neocore account with your in-game account. We will also bring back the 5th tab unlock option sometime in the future. 5 tabs are enough I think and there is the diamond-shaped inventory tab which stores all Void Shards for example. 
112 days ago
Hello Marcopolocs, thanx for your reply. 

Yeah, I know what you have described. The game told me that also when the last season (Void Brethren) ended.

I wanted to express that it would be fine when every none-seasonal character would have its own statis casket.
I already run three characters. A melee-crusader and a melee-assassin and a Tech adept and all must share one statis casket. Is there a possibility to give every character his own casket in the future? Especially the tech adept has tons of stuff for his robots.
To make room in the casket for the crusader and the assassin I had to sell all that stuff and will have to collect it again when playing the tech adept. Otherwise, I would have run out of space for the other characters' things.

156 days ago
Kindly mind that in case you get a Seasonal character then you will both have a non-seasonal and a seasonal storage.  The non-seasonal character cannot access the seasonal stuff because otherwise it could influence the progress of the seasonal character (via Tarot cards, consumables, etc).

At the end of the Season all items from the seasonal storage will be transferred into the non-seasonal box.