Crash after completing Void crusade


I have just completed an Ebony void crusade (all info fragments and all keys) and was busy cleaning out my inventory of blue and green items so that I could pick up all the relics and psalm codes that had dropped out of the chests (yes, I had opened them), when the game crashed.

When I re-logged my inventory was completely empty, everything had gone, and the void crusade had completed, so I couldn't even redo the supreme mission. I think the void shards I picked up from the chest might have been saved, but I'm not sure. Might be because they're not inventory items but currency?

I get that crashes are crashes and they do sometimes happen. I'm just particularly annoyed at having lost almost everything from all the chests and not even getting credit for having completed the void crusade.

I can provide more information if needed. Thanks.

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Crash after completing Void crusade
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110 days ago
Many thanks. It is appreciated.

I did forget to mention that it was on a seasonal character and that the game did generate a crash report, so hopefully, that'll help narrow down what caused it.

Thanks, again.

110 days ago
Unfortunately these items cannot be recovered.

However, I provided you a few items as a compensation. They are quite valuable, I hope you will like it!

We are sorry for the caused inconvenience.