Will consoles be getting the Final Cut version?


Since these games are so awesome and I know like twenty people who have played them all, I was wondering if consoles will ever be getting the final cut of van helsing at some point?  It would be amazing if we did because these are some of the coolest lore dungeon crawlers I've ever played and would really like to see the full package available.

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Will consoles be getting the Final Cut version?
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166 days ago
We will soon have some great news in this regard so please follow us on our official platforms to get the latest news!:)
166 days ago
I'd buy the physical edition along with the digital games I already have on PS4. Speaking of which, how about releasing part III for PS4?
209 days ago
Currently we are not planning to release the Final Cut version of the game on console. Naturally we will spread the news if there will be any changes in this regard though!