why cant we upgrade original relics


whats the point in crafting if we cant upgrade relics we already had and invested the credits and time to modify what we had . instead we have to find new ones to modify and upgrade and we cant re roll the enchantments now . why do you breaking game even further . crafting already was useless except for fusion  and modify started out as good idea now its a joke. fix this game stop making it worse 

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why cant we upgrade original relics
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4 years 114 days ago


Upgrading items isn't normal ARPG mechanic. It shouldn't be. This is kinda enough.

4 years 114 days ago
In short: Yes, this "fix" was stupid.

Generally, yes, re-rolling relics might be a bit too OP and makes getting what you need too easy,
but with the current low player numbers, you can't just trade for it.

And if there would be enough players to trade with, this "fix" would have been pointless anyways.

=> in the current state of the game, this is more damage than useful
=> in a "better" state of the game, this would be pointless

4 years 114 days ago
Yes this. Crafting is a money sink and trying to get the best enchant on relics did that job. Now i have to wait for a relic to drop of the right item with the right enchant before i can use it. No one trades,so its not worth it to grind endlessly for that one mod i need for a build.