Where are the Relics?


Since the Warzone is released I didn't got a single Relic. And it seems, that's the Reason why I can't extend my PR behind 1100, so I can't enter the new Area. What happened here? What I have to do, that I get some more Relics? 

Yesterday I played 5 Tarot Missions with the Booster, that increases the Chance for "High Value Loot" - and nothing. It's annoying, and it's one more Reason why I do like the Game less and less and ....

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Where are the Relics?
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4 years 33 days ago
Go with +100 difficulty and the  Relic drop booster (250.000 cr when it pops at store...or fucking rare drop)

Choose the card where you have 10 min to finish the mission for a "moderate" drop increase

Without that difficulty and the booster it's just a waste of Destiny point.

Into the Warzone relics drops when u go lvl 20-25 missions (1 - 3 in the reward chest) and higher.

4 years 33 days ago
I agree. I've been playing on "impossible" and all I get for rewards is blues and greens. Give us better loot or die heretics!!
4 years 34 days ago
I'm talking about that Booster (Consumable) that is mentioned in your Post. I played 5 Tarot Mission with that Booster and the Hourglass (Mission Type Extinction). At the first Mission I failed, because I played a Difficulty +100 over my own PR (Crusader), but the other 4 Missions I could complete ("Normal" -> Diff = PR).  

One, or maybe 2 Missions without a Relic "can happen", but 4 Missions (+1 with several drops)? Hard to beleave.

4 years 34 days ago

what Booster are you talking about exactly?

VanWynter randomly sells a consumable for 250k that doubles relic drop rate for five tarot missions. I played two this morning with that and the hourglass card and got 3 relics each time.

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