What's Up With Locked Pirate's Trove and No Keys


I am using an endgame character running void crusades, info missions, and random missions my level is 98.  I see that this week there will be pirate's troves spawning and supposedly contraband skulls with keys.   In the Amber crusade I am currently running I have ran across three chests but no skulls.  What gives?

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What's Up With Locked Pirate's Trove and No Keys
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1 year 30 days ago
Ah well the random number gods strike again. Thanks for checking. 
1 year 31 days ago

We checked on the problem but Contraband Servoskulls could be found for our non-seasonal characters. Not sure, why you haven't encountered any but it seems, your seasonal char can find plenty.

1 year 32 days ago

The chests and skulls (supposedly anyway) occur in the nonseasonal games for just this week. That is where I run across them with my endgame character.  Oddly enough my new character I started as a seasonal character has ran across several.  

1 year 33 days ago
Normally, no skulls, no keys.

 Skulls are turned from Villain enemies. 30% percent chance that there will be no villain in a mission.

The new boss Soulgrinder also gives keys but soulgrinder missions are rare.

It would be wise that each account should receive several keys at start of the season.

Wait, already an endgame character ? Must be a hard grind.