What is this please?


There have been a couple of gameplay videos that I have watched where the following 'screen' briefly appears. Initially I thought it had to do with an armour or grenade type that I do not personally equip. However, there have since been 2 occasions now when this 'screen' has flashed up on my screen and, to be candid I have not a clue as to what it is!

So, could someone please tell me what this is please?

Cheers. :)

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What is this please?
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7 years 78 days ago

Personally I think it is too early to decide, but having said that I think it adds flavour to the game.

7 years 79 days ago

this system is annoying and shouldnt be implemented 

7 years 110 days ago

Ah, thank you. :)

7 years 110 days ago

oh and its associated with the "aimed" abilities when you hold them down :) then you mouse in the direction of the ability you want to use. 

7 years 110 days ago

it's part of a "limb decapitation" feature. Not yet implemented. 

You basically choose to blow off an arm or leg :D or just shoot the head for more damage. 

Means you can blow a gun off of the dreadnoughts for eg.