waste of time on backtracking


Hello. I have much fun so far but one thing is bugging me. Some levels are large and often contain long, branched set of corridors leading to goals. When I complete one of them I need to take a hike through already cleared area. It get's even worse when playing crusader with heavy weapon's.  Its just waste of time for nothing.  I play this game to kill shit, not watch walk animation.  I hope that in release version we gonna have some sort of  teleport/fast travel/whatever system that eliminates this downtime. Examples? I think that "Enter the Gungeon" did it very well.

Anyway last patch were massive improvement. With better visuals but improved my fps from  about 10 to 50. Amazing job guys.

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waste of time on backtracking
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6 years 311 days ago

Agreed, some parts of the game are just way to slow. Walking around as a Crusader is one part.

I do get that we need some "weight" and "impact" behind the movement of a power armored human but this should not happen as a negative on the overall gameplay.  

It gets even worse if you can't keep up with halve your team in COOP or you slow them down like hell.  

Imho the Diablo 3 System is quite nice where everyone has pretty much the same speed - regardless of them being a bulky barbarian or nimble monk - and then can increase speed up to the hardcap of +25%. That way you can still improve it yet the margin of difference between characters does not get that big.

6 years 296 days ago

The game is currently unplayable.

The current build will not let me go past the mission reward screen, and has completely ruined the current build.  As such, I cannot continue to play the game on the current character.  I will not roll a new character either.  In over 100 hours, I have never seen this bug, but it has completely ruined the game at the minute.


All I can do, is ALT F4 out of the game.

I cannot do anything else.  I cannot continue past that screen, and every time that I log in with my current character, the game  takes me to that screen automatically.  

As such, I can no longer play the game.

It is an exceptionally disappointing, when I have a fully levelled crusader on that account, whom I have had for almost 100 hours now, and have used to level my account up to level 10.

 Very tempted to uninstall the game right now.  There is no point keeping it on my hard disk drive, when I cannot test it anyway.  

I have tried verifying my system files in Steam, and nothing has worked up to now.

6 years 296 days ago

Well if it's of any solace that character will be deleted in 4 weeks anyway. 

- Try raising it directly with support on discord during the week. They can sometimes bodge things.

6 years 296 days ago

Im not implying it does not need addressed, it's just one I dont  have an issue with. 

Some maps and goals can be completed w/o exploring the entire area. I think I get more loots when I do though. 

Currently it adds an additional challenge to the timed missions. Typically you can scope out an area, cleanse and move on. The prospect of winding up in a dead end with time running out forces you to react, act faster.