Feedback on patch 0.4.2 ALPha, running on day 3 as this is typed


First things first: about 90% of the game, as presented to me, I like Therefor I do not need to elaborate more on that here. There are issues, but those are being discussed in other threads.

There are mainly two things I noticed when I started my new character which was difficult to understand at first.

1) The 2 upgrades u have between your weapons, (segmentums?), caught me in an odd situation. I started with a assault crusader, so one of my weapons had 2 segmentums, the other had none. So I bought one with the little money I could scrape together and placed it in. About 2,74 seconds later I realized I should have swaped it for one of the default ones. And, as far as I could tell, that was not possible. When u have only 3 segmentum, and the have been placed they stay there until u get more. If this is working as intended, then I must lay down my disapproval. Not a major thing but first impressions are important, and first impressions and unintended confusion is seldom a good combo, imho.

2) Damage types. It is with shame I have to admit that I looked at allot of weapons to find which would benefit from the +x% physical damage. I found slashing, bashing and kinetic but never physical. The reason it made me wonder was the energy and heat weapons make diffirentiation between flame, laser, melta and plasma. So I am putting in a wish for an easy way to identify which enchenments affect which weapon.

A side note to point 2: a better explination when crafting which skills are utility and which are offensive/defensive. I understand it now but I have already spent some time playing this game, watching videos and talking to people since my interest in w40K is above average. I feel it would be unfair to the younger players/players not familiar with the w40k setting to basiclly have to invent the wheel one more time, so to speak.

3) And finally a suggestion from me regarding "outdated items". As you progress most of us will leave behind a trail of used armors, grenades and everything else we could get in the color purple. But me, I am an idiot, so from time to time, I refuse to give up my old rifle simply because I like it. It has seen me through thick and thin and I don't want to scrap it. What I propose I will only vaugly give an example of since I am clueless as to how this would be implemented:

you have a autogun(AG) since powerlevel 1, character level 5. If you use that rifle as your MAIN damage dealer until you reach lvl 20 with your character that item can be named. If you do it from lvl 1 to 20 it might be given a slight visual difference. No stat bonus, just something to show off. Because we all know that not all relics and artifacts are such because of the tech in them, but rather the heroic effort these weapons have made in service to the God Emperor.

Well thats my observations for now, which I could not find that anyone else had started a thread on.

The Emperor Protects.

Inquisitor Vlricus von Kronstadt

--transcribt ready for archiving--

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Feedback on patch 0.4.2 ALPha, running on day 3 as this is typed
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6 years 293 days ago

if its of any use to you - all melee are physical. Anything that reloads is also physical. Anything that can overheat is heat based. Or at least this is what i've been told. 

Do admit they could make that clearer. 


6 years 293 days ago

It would be very nice to more easily (without working off of knowledge of the PNP RPG or tabletop wargame) figure out what each damage type is at a glance.

The Signums (and other equipment in general) is kind of a pain currently, the hotfix is to keep a spare signum or two of lower quality on hand to swap things around as needed.

+1 to the Autogun of Stalwart Determination!