Warpgate Unkillable


At the moment you cant finish some Nurgle Infestation maps if there are "Warpgates" does things get some dmg but then they heal instantly up.

I asked in chat and they explained you need to knockback them out of the green area.

A) ok this is a game mechanic I could accept that... moving a heavy gate so I can kill it. A bit unrealistic but hey why not 


B) give the heavy loadout a way to finish this mission. I played for 1h and I cleaned the entire map. All left standing where the 3 gates....
and then i fought wave after wave after wave just to realise... I have no knockback weapon as a heavy in starting loadout.

So all left was to surrender the mission.

So plz give all loadouts a way to end these missions. Either make a Barrel that extinguishes the nurgel fog or and cannon that pushes the gate. 

Just give us as a player a possibility to end it. Feeling helpless is not fun.

Thanks and keep up the great work, I enjoy it so far.

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7 years 66 days ago
Bug is known, can be closed. Thank you