Still having "network error"


I have uninstalled and re-installed the game and i'm still getting a network error, the game shows the splash and loads fine, but then gives me a "network error". Need some help! any ideas?

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Still having "network error"
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7 years 160 days ago
No i have not, i will try launching it from folder

7 years 160 days ago
Thank You and yes I've tried these tips but i could not get it working
7 years 160 days ago

Be sure to start the game from Steam without any launch parameters that you might have added.

You can try verifying game cache via Steam and/or reinstalling, but this is an issue that is currently top priority for us right now, so the fix should be out relatively soon - thanks for your patience.

7 years 160 days ago
Are you loading the game through steam client or from folder?