Warpg gates


Warp gates take no damage. What exactly is there to do to something that has 100% health regen and spawns mobs. I have thrown grenades and used my ultimate ability at this with a bolter and nothing happens. It's as if this thing is not killable? please fix or explain what to do because as a gunner this isn't working.

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Warpg gates
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7 years 129 days ago

Had the same issue as ranged figther. As melee with a shield you can shieldbash the gates out of the regen soup.But as ranged you lack a knock back and i couldnt find a level mechanic for this problem either.

You can equip a shield in the second weapon slot to solve these missions as long as this problem exists.

7 years 129 days ago
yeah I have heard this but that is not a solution for ranged players sadly :( thanks for the info but that is unfair and not logical balance so they need a solution to this. :) thanks for the info but us ranged need a solution to this problem.
7 years 128 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, we are already aware of this issue, and  I have added this to our bug tracker. We'll try and fix this ASAP.

In the meantime, you can try verify game integrity via Steam and making sure you are using the newest, v0.1.2 build (Main menu, bottom right corner).