Wandering Servoskull is not visible in the minimap sometimes(?)


My first experience with wandering servoskull was quite bad. When I got the notification about being in range, I was in a big room full of enemies (50+ maybe 100), the minimap was literally painted red. I don't know if servoskull has a different color in the minimap (it should!) but it was not visible among the many red dots. It should have been drawn on top of the other dots to make sure it is visible. Since I don't know how it looks like (first timer), I could not distingush it visually either from the other 100 enemies on the screen. So when my mate said shortly that I failed, it was a pretty bad feeling, because I had no chance to kill something that I did not see.

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Wandering Servoskull is not visible in the minimap sometimes(?)
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138 days ago
Well, you are not the first one to experience that. Lol.
138 days ago
Hmm, I know the feeling. It can be quite chaotic but here's a tip that might help you.

When you receive the servo skull notification, the skull will be moving in the same direction as you.

So, say you're moving north west, the servo skull will also be moving north west.

What I do when I get the notification is immediately dash in the same direction as I was going, search it out among the mobs a short sprint ahead.

It's not very strong so should be easy to kill. I've never had a fail on a servo skull before, even in a room full of mobs.

Part of the challenge is finding and killing it before the 30 secs pass by so I doubt they'll add it to your minimap (same for those cogitators where you get the notification but they also don't show on the map).

It depends on your character and build too, make sure you either have a mobility skill that lets you zip around like the aether blade or make sure you have a lot of movement bonus. That really helps.

140 days ago

its hard to keep track or even find it when the screen is full of enemys, it looks like the little skull you can add as your pet just bigger... first few voids i missed them but mainly because i didnt focus or even knew that the skull is found on that map (its shown above the mission on void map;)

140 days ago

it's a good idea to add a skull icon on the minimap to it, like villains and elite