Achievements bugged


With over 2,000 missions done in Void Crusades, Intels, Co-Ops, DLCs, and the weeklys from the Astropaths there is a problem with the Achievement for "All Kinds of Trouble" The problem is it wont give it to me. After reading your information from older modifications you ( Neo) have done with the game the achievement apparently wont be given out anymore since you stated plainly that after an older update you removed the "Secure the Artifact" mission type from the roster for randoms ( and apparently from Intels as well ) so the Achievement is refusing to populate for ( apparently ) anyone after its initial test run. Please correct its requirements so the rest of us can get it. It is one of only 2 achievements i dont have and cannot get this one for the game.

Also the Angel of Death achievement refuses to show anymore no matter my Crit chance and sheer volume of strikes ( Whirlwind with dual Arc blades and specials to increase crits in around 50% ( at 4x strikes per second with EACH blade when using whirlwind i should be statistically able to increase my numbers of Angel of Death bonuses but i havent gotten anywhere with it for the last few months matter what i do )

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Achievements bugged
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1 year 146 days ago
The Angel of Death effect will get fixed with our next update, we are working on it already!
1 year 148 days ago

I have the same problem, even if I increase my critical chance too much, I cannot get the angel of death bonus.made impossible to get the angel of death bonus with this update.I have 120 hours of playing time. If this is not corrected, I will not be able to get the platinum.

Massacre effects :

Angel of Death no longer gives invulnerability or Critical strength but 35% Critical damage bonus. Also note that the trigger changed: it now requires 10 crits with only1 second in between, from 3 crits with 3 seconds in between.

It's written like this in the update notes.