Waiting for the upgrade 2.0 on PS4


Good Afternoon.

I am a player of this great game on PS4. I wouldl like to know when will you lunch the 2.0 version on PS4, I less to play one mounth ago waiting for the upgrade. 

Thanks for your atention.

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Waiting for the upgrade 2.0 on PS4
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93 days ago


93 days ago

They said so many times "soon" that for several months there is almost no one on the game. Despite this, they persist in working in the same way without considering the many requests for content that lasts.

The big games that will happen are not going to fix things. It's a shame this game has a huge potential.

93 days ago
so 3 months later after 2.0 came to PC the console is still waiting??? even tho we was told it will release soon after PC, Sorry but soon is not 1/4 of a year later. Shame on you.
93 days ago
Well, I agree. But I love this game and I am waiting for the patch 2.0 for a long time. A couple of friends are waiting for too.

Can you say, more or less when will you lunch the patch for ps4?

Best regards,

Adeptus Serarticus.

130 days ago
They have stated the broad time period of "Autumn" they will not work on it before Prophecy releases on PC which is Tuesday 30th July. 

I am sure Maelstrom of Carnage is already out.  The only DLC that does not work for me are the new cherub and the new desperate crusade.  I am on PS4 as well

130 days ago

Before the Big update we still need " Maelstrom of Carnage "