Character customization


Not sure if this question was raised. But just in case, I would like to pick it up.

What is the point? I want my inquisitor to look cool and I also want to support the project.

I suggest that Omicron Arkh in the appearance tab could choose not only the appearance tier of the armor, but also its look type. I also suggest introducing a set of cosmetic armor for fate. You already have interesting sets of inquisitors from various Ordo. Why not adapt them to the character and sell them for fate?

I don’t know how realizable this task is now and whether you have the strength and time to do it, but I would really like to see similar mechanics in the future.

Thanks in advance,
Inquisitor out

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Character customization
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2 years 91 days ago

+1 for transmog

2 years 110 days ago
A proper transmog system like Diablo 3 or Grim Dawn have would really help character customization.

Especially since some of the blue and green armours look better than the purple ones.

2 years 111 days ago
Agreed 100% A transmogrification option would add to the end-game in my opinion as well.