Void Shield Stacking


I don't know if it's a bug, or is it intended, but currently, you can stack Void Shield charges, with no hard cap. Every time you activate Void Shield grenade consumable, you receive 4k shield that stays and doesn't goes anywhere, until it's used up... And you can apply it over and over again, stacking 4k shield on top of each other. I've gotten to around 32K shield HP and I got bored doing so. At some point I was just standing there perfectly still with my assassin, tanking everything with Sniper Rifle, because I could.

 So I hope it's going to be addressed at some point. Because right now it's a gamebreaking consumable. 

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Void Shield Stacking
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7 years 28 days ago

it's intended. As for being game breaking there is only a set amount of shields per map so really it makes no difference if you use them all at the start or slowly throughout the mission. It's the same result.

That being said it can make a particular fight "seem" really easy (at the expense of other fights becoming hard) it's a really weird idea. Perhaps some DR added to the stack might put players off of stacking too much.

7 years 28 days ago
Airsick Hydra

 I admit-I'm not the greatest Martyr expert and I barely play it, so I don't really know how the high-end content looks like. However, I do believe that having 36K hp is just plain broken.

 Every grenade pick-up you find gives you 3 charges and every charge stacks 4K hp on top of your hp, so right off the bat you can get yourself 12K hp and then 12K more with each grenade pick-up. That's just silly.

 Maybe high end missions and gear allow you to scoff at such amount of hp, I don't know, but right at the beginning, during low level content-you are unkillable because of it.

7 years 28 days ago

I agree it makes a single fight pretty much a joke. Which is why its an odd choice to have.

This might sound weird but i'd say stacking 35k of health in 1 go instead of using it when needed is actually less powerful (in respect of completing a total mission and total health vs mitigation)....  because every bit of damage you take will chip away at it and you won't be making any use of health regen between fights so you will actually be "wasting" a lot of the shield.

Granted tho it means you can make difficult fights redundant by planning ahead - So I still agree with you that it's strange as heck, would like to see it changed :D 

7 years 28 days ago
Airsick Hydra

 What you're saying does makes sense and, in fact, exactly how I imagine it should work, ideally. Pop Void Shield when you're about to die and then safely activate innoculator to heal yourself up. At least that was how I pictured it to work, until I've tried it and learned I could stack it to no end, with relatively low cooldown.

 So, in reality, when you're a high damage dealer assassin, with 30-40K hp and sniper rifle, you can just tank everything while dishing out insane amounts of damage and not worrying about ever running low on hp.

 I really hope devs will balance it out, either by limiting amount of stacking allowed, or by adding some reaaaally long cooldown on it.