Daemonic threat missions


These missions need to be dialed back on the enemy spawns.  While you have to destroy Warp Gates, you have indestructible teleport beacons that spawn hordes of enemies like every 30 seconds.  Even playing on a powerlevel 1 mission and 30 minutes into it, I could not progress past the first large room because by the time you cleared it out and move up, they would respawn.  Either bump up the respawn time to 2 minutes or make the teleporters breakable.  

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Daemonic threat missions
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6 years 288 days ago

Most of the time I'm able to clear the gates by making a zerg run and then if nothing else retreating and mopping up any remaining targets. I've also had success drawing non-respawning targets from the room and then returning to finish the warp gate. Guerilla tactics seem to work well when alone.