Void Crusade PS4


We didn't know there was a Problem with the Crusade until after it rolled away our Loot and we looked into it.

Can anything be done about it?

Console: PS4

Characters: Non-Seasonal

Completion of Crusade: 12:49am EST (started around 6pm if it matters)

Affected Users: ddct38, FooleryCommaTom, TheShootyMcBooty.

Details about the loot Loss: We finished the run opened our 5 chests and the run chest. looked at the loot in lobby then as we left the quests it loaded for like 2mins of us leaving. when we returned our inventory's were empty. we tried reloading the game, the console, I waited till this morning ran some quests, still nothing.

Anything else we can report we would love too!, and any information would be appreciated. 

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Void Crusade PS4
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154 days ago

All 3 of you got compensated with some valuable lootboxes as the lost items cannot be restored.

The problem appears if 3 or 4 members group up. Parties with 2 players do not run into the issue. 

Our dev team has already started to work on a brand new backend server which will then get moved onto a new provider in the future. Our expectations are high, we want to remove all the server-related issues, whether these are item losses, lags, disconnections or things like a mission being greyed out in Void Crusades.

There is still a lot of work so this won't happen overnight. A couple more months are needed for us but we are already on it.