Triple Shot Bug with Shotgun - Xbox


On Xbox -- Triple Shot is not working properly with Shotgun. Crit penalty from the doctrine is applying, but one shot is only hitting each enemy once (1 damage number). Triple Shot is working fine with other weapons, like the Boltgun and Heavy Bolter; they are triple shotting so I get 3 damage numbers per single shot.

On PC -- Triple Shot works fine with Shotgun. Crit penalty from the doctrine is applying, one shot can hit the same enemy 3x (3 separate damage numbers).

UPDATE -- After further testing, triple shot on xbox is: WORKING with burst shot, NOT WORKING with single shot. But burst shot is the  main/only attack I'm using, so okay enough I guess.

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Triple Shot Bug with Shotgun - Xbox
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314 days ago
SinfulDa Masta

As I told you on Discord as well, I reopened the case to ask for a 2nd round of test. Thanks for the step-by-steps and the videos, all got forwarded to the tester team. They will look into it once again.

315 days ago

⬆️ Less than 1 minute video of me testing it on Xbox using the instructions I typed out below. Step 1 I did before going into the mission.

I forgot to get rid of what was allowing me to cause bleed (& can’t disable Void Brethren lightning bolt either), but can tell the damage numbers that are <200 are from bleed and 800-20,000 is from the shotgun.

Started with no triple shot. 1/2 way in, opened my inventory and equipped the armor with triple shot. Can see for the entire video, only getting 1 damage number per shot per enemy.


Below is a video from PC, where triple shot is working with shotgun. Can skip to 3:48-4:02 for shotgun with no triple shot (1 damage number per shot per enemy), 4:15 & later is shotgun with triple shot (3 damage numbers per shot per enemy). Can slow the video down to 0.25x speed to see better, since he shoots kinda fast.

315 days ago
I’ll lay out the instructions in detail, how to test it. Please make sure it gets passed on to the testing  team. Should take 5 minutes or less to test. I am playing on Xbox One X.

(1) Put triple shot doctrine on armor. Leave it in your inventory, not equipped. If any of your gear or passives cause you to do a DoT on hit/crit, Remove them (or zoom in close to your character so you can read the damage numbers, and tell apart the damage from shotgun vs bleed).

(2 Load in to +0 or lower level mission.

(3) Shoot a couple enemies, Individual enemies ideally. This will make it easier to see how many damage numbers per shot. You should see only 1 damage number per shot.

(4) Equip the armor with triple shot doctrine. Repeat step 3. You should see 3 damage numbers per shot if working, 1 damage number per shot if not working.

(5) Is it working or not working?

315 days ago
Marco. Marco. That. Is. Not. Funny.

I explained exactly what the issue is & how it should look so they can reproduce it.

I literally cannot. No swear. It’s not you.

They are SO BLOODY WRONG. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get 7-8 damage numbers in 1 shot. The way shotgun works, okay, is that it shoots a cone (AoE). I have confirmed this with King Sisyphus on Discord. It hits everything in the cone 1 time. If triple shot is working, it would hit 3 times. Any other number is wrong. Period.

If they saw 7-8 damage numbers with 1 shot, they tested nothing. They inflicted a DoT on the target and were looking at DoT damage numbers, not the shotgun. 

317 days ago
SinfulDa Masta
Yes, they tested the skill but they couldn't reproduce the problem. We got at least 7-8 (this was an estimation) floating damage numbers per hit. The case was closed then.
322 days ago
Hey Marco, thanks for the response and handling everybody posting on here. I was wondering if the issue been passed along to devs to look into fixing, or has the console team not gotten around to testing it yet? The bug is what’s underlined/bolded, should take only a couple minutes to test (assuming they have damage numbers turned on).
327 days ago
The issue got forwarded to our console team, they will test the skill in question. 

Thanks for submitting the report!