Void crusade loot all gone


Hello, first as always sorry for my english.

Today i have finish  my void crusade with my tech adept, i have loot all the chests and start checking the gear i get in my inventory and i got  a power cut(that happen 1 or 2 time every weeks where i live sadly but  are very short power cut)anyway when  i log back in the game i got a message saying  my void crusade is over  but all the loot i get from the supreme mission where gone when normally all i have to do is redoing the mission when this happen.

Normally i wouldn't bother you with  that but i have finish the crusade at 100% , i've had chests and loot i really wanted and the crusade took me  3hours to finish so i admit  i was quite disappointed by the issue.

So if you can rollback my save before the issue or anything like that i would really appreciate.

On side note, if you can do anything for  improving loading time on ps4 they  are so long(almost 1mins for some stages) for such  small area , during long session with the game that become really annoying maybe there is a good reason for them to be this long but  if you can do anything  this would greatly improve the experience with this fantastic game  on ps4.

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Void crusade loot all gone
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247 days ago

Some lootboxes landed in heatherism's inventory. :)

251 days ago
Can we get compensation while you guys work on the fix? Out of 6 chests, she's missing content of 3 chests (archeo relics, morality relics and shards) with full loot bonus. Her user name is heatherism.

There are other bugs with missing loot but I'll email you separately.

252 days ago

The issue is in the works but we cannot yet identify the problem. Nevertheless, this is a priority to us and we will fix it as soon as we can.

253 days ago
Just want to say I'm seeing the exact same problem with loot boxes not dropping loot at the end of the Void Crusade.

This was a multiplayer session with me and my wife. The archeotech relic chest dropped absolutely nothing for me wife but 10+ archeotech relics for me. The morality chest dropped 6 morality relics for me but 0 for my wife. We are both 200+ morality for the record.

Seeing I'm not the only one experiencing this bug both relieves and worries me. Can we have this fixed asap? Void Crusades just have a much higher time investment to be disappointed with this nonsense and it doesn't take many times to turn people away from the game.

262 days ago
I like it indeed , thank you very much for your help :)
263 days ago
I kept you waiting, I'm terribly sorry.

Please check on your lvl93 Crusader - Kaleb Asmodeus -, in his inventory (3rd page) there will be some good stuff. I hope you will like it!

264 days ago

I have check my tech adept and i can't find nothing new in my inventory or storage, did i miss something?

268 days ago

I was starting to think you were determined to ignore my post for some reason :D my psn id:DevilmanReign.

Thank for the help.

268 days ago

@ARMORED8‍ the Morality chest doesn't grant items everytime, it depends on your Morality points. With that said, since you have maximum Morality points, there should be items from the chest so we will look into this.

The items from any specific mission cannot be retrieved but I will compensate your losses. Please let me know your PSN. :)

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272 days ago

The loading issues is an issue with the game on ps4 and apparently even on pc, like i said before maybe there is a reason for them to be this long but i have plenty  of game far more demanding than inquisitor with reasonable loading time and honestly i think i know what  the problem is but i have not a single ray of hope they will or they can fix it at this point so...

Nothing can be done for my power cut issue and this is not where i live , this  is  where i work  and they won't bother to do something for 3 houses  not  occupy half of the  years  in the middle of nowhere also i am leaving soon but  the power cut are not really my problem here... My problem is why all my loot are gone when the game save and consider my void crusade over ??

Anyways this topic has digress enough so simple question maybe i will get  a simple answer.

Where are my loot? can you do something for me because you actually fix the problem for peoples with similar issue.

Also i confirm the problem with the morality chests,morality gear never drop at least with the tech adept,didn't test with others class, so can hope for a fix? 

273 days ago
Well, for your Loading issues I suggest you get yourself an external SSD Drive, if you are not already having one, and play/load your Inquisitor from that. I do not believe Playstation 4 is having an internal SSD Drive. I guess maybe the Pro has it.

Or maybe time to go for a new Playstation 5 instead.

For your Power Cuts, I suggest you get in touch with your Company that is bringing you your electricity. You need some people to come take one serious look at your equipment, since you are having some serious issues with it, and you are also paying for getting your electricity. 1-2 times per F´ng week?! Geez, man. Get your phone up and call them ASAP.

273 days ago
Can we hope at least  for a morality chests fix?
275 days ago

That seem definitely like an issue  then ,you said it yourself sometime the game let you restart the mission and sometime he doesn't, also the game is always online  so what happen if you loose internet connection which is even  a more common problem for a lot  of peoples. 

Anyway this is indeed a small issue  but that does not  change the fact  that there is a small chance your VD finish in a  complete waste of time and the VD took me a long time  because  i wanted do every  single missions during it and my tech adept is far from having a good gear(by the way devs did a great  job with the rework of the tech adept,he is much better now imo)

I play this game since the release i don't  pretend knowing everything about it, far from that, but i have a  good  idea  of what i do, I'm just saying, i am grateful you try to help me.

For the morality relic chest, this one  is 100% a bug , my tech adept like  most of my characters has the maximum morality points since months  and i am far from being alone with the issue.

And i  have  no doubts  Marcopolocs will help if he can ,while not posting much i am on this forums for quite some time now and every time i have interact with him  he was always nice and really helpful.

Also i don't know if i sound like i am on the defensive or something like that but i am not at all, i just try  to go straight to the point and say what i can with my limited english so sorry for the caveman sentences and if i sound vindicative or melodramatic  but that just me who struggle with english nothing else.

277 days ago

Yeah if you were still in the mission, the game did not save your loot or progress. 

Its happened to me before, sometimes when I log back in it lets me restart the mission. Other times it counts it as completed, and I lose the loot.

While there might be something the developers can do,  getting disconnected after completing the mission while still in the mission is something that doesn't happen often. They might be able to reimburse shards but you will probably have to redo the void crusade to get loot.

About the morality relics chest, if you don't have any morality points, from my experience it does not drop any loot. You dont need to have max morality but you do need to have some points. You can increase it by completing the story missions, and the expansion. Priority missions from the NPC near the coop terminal also grant morality on occasion, but its slower than doing the story missions.

You also mentioned taking a long time to complete the VC. Have you looked at some of the single image void crusade guides, if not I provided a link to some of the more popular guides. These will help you complete the VC faster, and avoid difficulty increases. Links below.

https://imgur.com/a/Vdxtl7o     <--- single image at the bottom right there is a legend, that tells you what each icon means.

https://www.reddit.com/r/40kinquisitor/comments/ht6hf1/void_crusades_maps_completed/       <-- this is more detailed but can be confusing.

Dont let this bring you down, its more of an act of god (losing power) than a game bug, and Im sure once Marcopolocs gets to your issue, he will do what he can to help you with this.

278 days ago
Totally forgot to mention another bug i've had, one of the chest i have open during the supreme mission was supposed  contain morality relics but they were absolutely none inside.
278 days ago
I was still inside the mission.
278 days ago
Just relax, Devs will help you.
278 days ago

When you where checking on the loot, where you already on the bridge? (left the mission) or where you still inside the mission?