Visual walkthrough of new lightingpatch


Just a walk through of whats new with the latest 400 mb! Mostly for those who are currently unable to play but wanting to see the new stuff, but also anyone else who is bored and loves auto pistols and "moody" lighting.

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Visual walkthrough of new lightingpatch
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7 years 45 days ago

Thanks for spotting the typo, tend to get things wrong when tired. 

Perhaps the title is misleading. It wasn't meant to be a thorough walk-through, just a demonstration of the in-mission play and what has changed. It's a fair point though that the innoculator expanding is a notable change.

7 years 45 days ago

You mentioned the new sound effect, but did you not think that the doubling of slots in inoculators was worth commenting upon?

Also, the obvious typo, the patch came out in May not April.