Great neocore interview - Poop audio! - Warning -


Hello guys! As promised here is some footage form the latest warhammer fest - managed to get a good bit of time to talk to the neocore guys and massive thanks to them, the game seemed really popular with the fans there and they did a great job in greeting them. Lots of information within the interview for both exitsintg and new players...

BUT..... With the camera / equipment I had - This was the best I could do with the audio - Some will find it unbearable - in which case i'll see if I can put together a transcript of the meeting. But hopefully some of you don't mind subtitles that much! - Most of the "leeks" are toward the end but honestly I found the whole experience thrilling!

Lessons have been learned for next time...

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Great neocore interview - Poop audio! - Warning -
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7 years 23 days ago
Grey Knight

oh and I think official stream announcement is due this week, likely today / tomorrow i'd expect. But no there hasn't been been an official post yet, just a confirmation during this interview.

as always, your feedback is always appreciated.

7 years 23 days ago
Grey Knight

I wanted to trick him into giving us more detail :D not use it as an oportunity to condem them. 

Well i'm also getting comments that I didn't ask enough questions or "drill" enough! I thought I gave pretty much unrestricted freedom for them to discuss what they could. I basically waited for him to finish or provided the odd question of encouragement. Then threw in a couple questions to try and probe a little further about the future. 

Regardin the communication it's because as far as i'm concerned it's not something that needed asking. While some people are dissastisfied with the level of information it's clear that with things being changed (put back or moved forward) and that the roadmap was being adjusted that clearly there has been a lack of concrete information to give. As the first live stream is this week with the roadmap being talked through it also seemed unnessisary (to me at least) to bring up the topic of communication.

7 years 23 days ago
Airsick Hydra

'- I certainly tried to trick him up a couple times with questions! - Wanted to make him think a little.'

Perhaps getting him to talk more freely then think would elicit more insight.
Was somewhat surprised that you did not ask about the lack of communication from the company to the community, if only to ask if this apparent live stream is an attempt to address it. (just where have they announced  it?)

7 years 24 days ago
Grey Knight

Well I did take a lot of time planning questions in all honesty. Spent several days going back and forth in a focus group to try and pick the topics that would be most interesting to the audience. Big thanks to all of them for helping. But obviously follow up questions can't be planned in advance. Re preparation I honestly think I couldn't have done any more, watched every interview he has done at least twice! 

No idea why I had in my mind that Van-Helsing was an RPG and not an ARPG, tbh I thought I had heard viktor say in a previous interview that this was their first in the genre! Clearly I was mistaken lol. To clarify my thought on the mmo approach toward "seasons" my meaning is that it's adding new content on the end of the game unlike a typical ARPG which adds content through the middle of a game, but I think viktor thought I was talking more about gameplay. It's not really worth clarifying myself in situations like that, more efficient to just let him correct me :)

Correct that I knew asking a lot of questions about what is coming up would just lead to responses that it's still in development and no specifics are available etc etc, so the interview was kept on things which were possible to discuss in more detail :)

The sound quality sadly was due to equipment choices. I did have plans regarding audio, however they changed last minute outside of my control. Shall have to look into getting some portable mics now for next time.

- I certainly tried to trick him up a couple times with questions! - Wanted to make him think a little.

7 years 24 days ago

Not bad for a first attempt, though perhaps some more research beforehand would have been in order, ie. the Van Helsing and, the Diablo comments.

From the nature of the interviews, I'm guessing that you were told what you were allowed to talk about, and that always does make meaningful interviews difficult. Also do not be too hard on yourself about the sound quality that also should come with experience.
Did you notice during the first interview the 'tell' where he squeezed a finger between two others, there were a couple of times where he thought he might loose control.

7 years 24 days ago

Thanks man :) they were great to chat with. All sounds really promising! Great news on the roadmap too (fact that it was just a shuffle) and we get to see it real soon. Don't forget the livestream is this Thursday!

7 years 24 days ago

Wow, some great news in there. Nice job !