Viridian VC secret room inaccessible


Viridian VC, secret mission - there is quite an annoying issue with this mission. Unless you have some kind of general on-demand explode skill, or a bag full of grenades, you can't access the teleport to the secret room. And since this purge missions seems to be counting mobs in the secret room towards the mission requirement, it's a wee bit complicated for TA and other poor sods stupid enough to not roll a psyker or crusader for their seasonal character to actually finish the mission.

I get it, Neocore devs design this game for psykers and crusaders. We all know that as long as psykers can blast through a mission, everything is fine in the devs' view. 

But it would be nice for the devs to occasionally test the game with other classes as well, not just psykers and crusaders - if only to figure out whether you can, you know, actually finish missions with all the classes and weapons in the game...

Edit: ah, sorry - the mission is actually the bonus mission in the top-right corner, not the secret mission. 

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Viridian VC secret room inaccessible
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51 days ago
I tried that. I actually tried shift, alt, ctrl - just in case... None of them worked. In the end one of the mobs dropped a radium carbine beta and I was able to shoot the obstacles. They exploded, but in the end it didn't help either. That invisible thingy that Marcopolocs mentioned was stopping me from getting there.
51 days ago
Are you aware that you can just target the barricade? Shift + lclick to target destructible objects. You can destroy it with any weapon even single target ones.
58 days ago
There was an invisible obstacle there which was not intentional. We removed it on our end and changes will get implemented with the next patch. Sorry for the trouble.