Video Stuttering - Game's Unplayable


The video stuttering has made the game unplayable.  I've got the latest drivers for my 1060.  I've turned off shadows, made the cursor size small, and so forth.   The game just freezes, updating the video maybe every 10 seconds now.   The missions are unplayable.  It's not a hard freeze because I can still hear what's going on, but the audio also stutters a bit especially when Van Wynter or the Magos give their opening lines.   I really hope this is something due for a fast update. 

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Video Stuttering - Game's Unplayable
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1 year 251 days ago
Ah yeah I forgot that, On Nvidia CP have an option for multiple cards, it generally is set to Automatic, and that cause a lot of issues, set it to Nvidia GPU and it should do the trick, altho, some old games don't recognize multiple cards and will get the main card, generally the on-board one and specially on Laptops, since the Performance GPU works as an auxiliary for it.

I doubt it's the case for WH40K.

1 year 251 days ago
Someone else with this problem found that the game had switched to their onboard graphics rather than their expensive video card.
1 year 252 days ago

Have you tried this option?