Secondary Weapons on Constructs


As it stand, we have plenty of Tech-Adept that would leave a secondary slot unequipped so that the primary weapon of a Construct does not get limited by it.

What this means is that ranged weapons require skill animations to work out and these animations often lock them in place (Bad for melee constructs) or prevent the usage of better primary weapons.

A secondary weapon should be something beneficial, not something you get rid of so your Construct can attack more often with its primary weapon.

To fix this, I suggest that they work like the Heavy Stubber on the Crimson Wanderer (Imperial Knight). Meaning that they have their own Cooldown etc. and can target independently and lock on enemies that are in its arc. That way Constructs would TRULY benefit from having a secondary weapon though this may be to strong on some variants and maybe become a unique Perk of the Final Tier of Constructs, the Kastelan, with its dedicated and flexible weapon arm.

That way a Melee Kastelan will fire its weapon while closing in or continue to flame stuff while he punches some dude. Or a ranged Kastelan will unleash a truly impressive firestorm, fitting for one of the most elite and advanced creations of the Legio Cybernetica.

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Secondary Weapons on Constructs
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3 years 170 days ago
How about letting the secondary weapons fire independently as OP suggests? That fits with lore and makes them worth having.
3 years 172 days ago

Also the cone attack of the secondary Phosphor gun is super useless. My Kastelan prefers to use this cone when there is 1 enemy and he sprays all shots around the target often not even hitting it.

3 years 173 days ago
I don't want them to be shield.

When you play the Crimson Wanderer Missions the Imperial Knight has a Heavy Subber that tracks, targets and shoots at enemies independently if they are in front of you.

This prevent your primary weapons to be locked due to animations etc.   

Basically: The secondary weapons should automaticly seek targets, fire at them if in range but otherwise don't impair the Constructs primary weapon. So for example this would happen:

Kastelan with Melee Fist walks to a target. His flamer shoots at targets within range while the castelan walks and smashes.

Instead of:

Kastelan with Melee Fists walks to a target. He then stands still and attacks with his flamer, he may then later continue to go into melee.

Other example:

Kastlean with Phosphor Primary shoots at enemies. The Secondary Phosphor shoots at the same time.

Instead of:

One Phospor stops shooting so the other can shoot which is just... bad.

3 years 173 days ago
Secondary weapons don't need to be shield, they can work just as they are but trigger as secondary weapons. Meaning, like the OP suggested, firing on a separate cooldown then primary, possibly at separate targets or when enemies get in to close to use the primary weapons. They should be, just a the name suggests, a last resort weapon when the primary can't be used or  something that helps you and does not hurt you.
3 years 173 days ago

We must adjust our game's design to the original tabletop game rules and lore, and thus suddenly changing secondary weapons into shields, though it would make sense gameplay-wise is impossible. We are working closely with Games Workshop to bring their vision of the WH40K universe to life, and by doing so, we must honor the rules they set. 

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3 years 174 days ago
I second this. On the Kataphron Destroyers the flamer blocks the use of the plasma cannon because he tries to get in close to use it instead of the plasma. It's annoying and pointless and limits the options of the user even more than they already are.