Van Helsing II:

Out Now on Ps4!


Good news, Hunters!

The sequel to our acclaimed Action-RPG, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is now available on PlayStation 4! Watch the release trailer here:

The metropolis of weird science is now on the brink of desctruction. A mysterious masked enemy plots revenge, and the Borgovian Resistance needs a new leader.

The sequel introduces Resistance Management for allied troops, decorative modifiers of the Hall of Trophies, the Chimera, new weapons, accessories, and of course, new levels to explore, new adventures to... adventure. So, an incredible continuation for the story of Van Helsing and his ghost companion, Lady Katarina.

For PlayStation 4 Pro users, the game offers three enhanced game modes, similarly to the first game: Better Performance (1080p targeted to 60FPS), Better Quality (4k at 30FPS) and Balanced (2880x1620 resolution targeted at 50FPS). 

Some additional information about the release:

  • For now, it's only available on the European store, the game will launch next week in the American region (Update Aug 15.: it's out now in America!)
  • Ink Hunt and other smaller DLCs will be released in the following weeks, so if you complete the game, there will be new content waiting for you!
  • Also, free avatars and themes for both games are coming very soon!

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to open up a thread here in the Community Hub or write us an e-mail to [email protected]!

But more importantly: enjoy the Hunt!

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Van Helsing II: Out Now on Ps4!
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5 years 243 days ago

Currently we are working on another project - Inquisitor Martyr but the release of Van Helsing III for console is still within our plans so it may will be a thing in the future.

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6 years 286 days ago

Thanks for the answer! 

6 years 287 days ago
It is great to hear that you are enjoying the game. Due to technical difficulties we had to leave out the Rune system from the console versions of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II.
5 years 243 days ago
So, I have a question....I found and purchased both the first and second van Helsing games for the PS4 and I am eagerly awaiting the information on when the third van Helsing game is coming out for the PS4.  Any information would be greatly appreciated
6 years 287 days ago

Really like the game, just a question though. 

I see the pc version has a rune system, its not on the ps4 right now? and will it ever come?