Accelerate and Diversify


Firstly, I like this game, unlike the mixed reviews of steam, I don't think it's a POS.

Character progression is slow... like way too slow. It doesn't seem to be a huge problem with the options, just how long it takes to get there. Here are my suggestions to fix this.

  1. Double  (or triple) the Skill points given for each level (seriously there are a ton of trees and you're able to fill out 3 of them... maybe? at level 70? (I'm almost level 40)) Also largely because a lot of them are like boring 1%, or +50, and it makes getting a level less exciting)
  2. Half, or less than half the experience it takes to reach a level. I think you should be lvl 5 by the time you reach the end of the "tutorial"

Descriptions, and tooltips. Missing or poorly worded, I could and might start filing bugs for each of these... like what are the skull-ish? icons that you get in priority missions sometimes (pre-select options), they have no tooltip but obviously mean something.

Diversify environments, almost each planet, imho, should have a sort of look and feel, current there's like ... 2, 3? like maybe.

  • Jungle
  • Desert (not all sand has to be ... tan... *cough* mars)
  • Grasslands
  • Volcanic

More enemies

  • Environmental specific (meaning this isn't part of the enemy faction, it's just there, think catachan wildlife)
  • More factions (this is probably coming) (orks, khorne, tzeentch, slaanesh, tau, etc etc)
  • More palettes (also why are the Imperial Guard Blue? wtf)
  • More map diversity. I feel like I go to a map and it's the same fight different skins, it'd be nice to have to change strategy sometimes

De-linearize, I'm not talking specifically the story, but more the various area's you can get to, and how difficult they are. at level 40, I see no reason to go back to the level 1 system, yet I can, and the reason might be to get all the rewards for the area, but literally playing any given random is pointless otherwise. Area's should scale with you (I think it's ok to have some variance of easier/harder). I also think when you select a mission directly from a planet you should always be able to choose to ramp up the difficulty.

Diversify random Missions

  • More time in vehicles... oh yeah...
  • Allow more varied tactics (for example I've noticed stealthing entire missions can be ... impossible due to the way you have to complete goals and bottlenecks
  • De-diversify enemies on a map... sometimes... sometimes it's weird, why are these guys fighting side by side with chaos marine? why is this not just an endless tide of demons? or chaos spawn, or whatever?
  • Less linear maps, more routes through, also stop showing me the map before I start, possibly diablo-esque randomly generate with each game.

getting that Astartes I saved to stop saying I'm no Astartes... I saved HIM

PC customization

  • Ordos (I would think this could be like radical puritan, a skill line you select, that maybe gives you benefits against certain types of enemies)
  • Gender and Race... yeah I think you should be able to play any of any for any class.


  • Hats, maybe I turned them off... but where's the awesome 15th century hats that are popular amongst the inquisition
  • Power weapons don't crackle with energy?

Things I would pay for (honestly I think one of the biggest mistakes of this game is focusing solely on the inquisition, so, including Adeptus Ministorum)

  • Playable or Retinue (when I think inquisitors are powerful, it's not physical prowess it's their ability to give anyone orders)
    • Grey Knights
    • Deathwatch
    • Servitors
    • Adepta Sororitas
    • Flagellants
    • Acolytes (or maybe this just needs to be more of a skin for psykers)


  • Over the shoulder camera (not just above/isometric)
  • Mass Effect 2/3 style moving into cover
  • A second set of keybindings for all keys... (there are a couple things I wouldn't mind having 2 bindings for)

I may comment more later...

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Accelerate and Diversify
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4 years 234 days ago
Fyi tarrot missions give alot of loot and xp. I ran 15 tarrots in a row. Went from 40 to 49 in a few hours.. plus some levels i was getting two or three relics a run.. xp varies but still 3k to 6k xp a run
4 years 234 days ago

I think one of my biggest advancement with leveling is I've been done with the main campaign for some time, but still can't start any of the DLCs... and I'm so bored of the regular missions, I started a new character instead. also my doubling of SP is based around having to do a rebuild of the toon, and feeling like I'm under constant pressure to get them right. They're cheap to respec, but it doesn't always seem obvious what my toon should focus on. (which goes to another conversation of, we need to be able to see the exact difference a change makes to our toons). Another Option I would see, is actually making increasing difficulty, also increase the rank points you get. So when you can handle harder, you get more xp.

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4 years 235 days ago

Grind on, In the Emperor's name!

... personally though I think if something is referred to as a grind... that's negative.

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4 years 237 days ago
The missions do scale. In fact no matter what your power rating is if you go back to the starting system and or any system there will be missions for you to run through at or around your power rating.

I personally like the fact that not all the missions scale. It makes trying to level more of a hunt and seek, rather than i just ground out 20 missions in x system, onto y system tomorrow. A less linear type of format is at least a better version of a grind than a more linear one.

 Besides if you need missions to scale that is why they have the fate accumulate. After you acquire some gear and maybe a few mission boosting perks like the damage, or the meme, or the Relic chance boosting one and then a few thousand fate. your leveling is MUCH faster even solo.

But yes this does take time if you play solo like myself. I personally have a 2-hand Crusader that just made level 54 and has 6 pieces of Relic gear (none of it is perfect) but it is pretty good. I have his Deflect at 51% and his overall damage mitigation at 46% and his physical damage mitigation at i think 28 or something like that. For a 2-hand that is not to shabby i think (shrugs) But it took me a long time running solo to build him up to that.

 It was a lot of painful grinding, "Wait i meant, i love grinding for the Emperor!" is what i meant to say, ah hem.......(grins)

Basically i am trying to say i am enjoying the pace of the game thus far. =)

"Venerate the Immortal Emperor"

4 years 239 days ago
Also, one of the reasons I want enemy/area scaling, while trying to get xp I'm also trying to get system influence for the rewards. It's boring grinding the initial systems at a low level, for little experience/glory/rewards just trying to get to the purple influence reward.... if It scaled that would be more fun
4 years 239 days ago

well at level 38 I have to go through several missions to get a level, and the rewards seem mediocre. I've completed the Martyr campaign, currently trying to get to the "expansion".  I honestly have found this to be almost as Slow as ESO for leveling which is pretty slow... but that's an MMO.

[quote]Your comment about having enemies scale with you is hilarious and such things are some of the dumbest going on in gaming, what's funny is you make this claim after asking for the progression to be made easier for you too. [/quote]

that's, like your opinion, some games have done it well. Actually I'm not entirely certain I'm asking for things to be made easier, so much as faster. I think you should be level 5 by the time you're done with the tutorial levels, 5 missions, 5 levels. Given how skills are what they are being able to get 2 or 3 at a level so you can spread them around a bit would be nice. Though the game may have to be made harder in that case.


I was going to say initially that it sounds like you bought the wrong game, a person with room temperature IQ would think INQUISITOR: MARTYR's focus would be on anything but the Inquisition. [/quote]

Actually my problem is the gameplay doesn't feel all that "Inquistor"-y I can take out dozens of chaos space marines and demons by myself. This makes much more sense for  Captain in the Adeptus Astartes, a member of Deathwatch. It's partially why I want retinue. An inquisitor's power isn't generally physical prowess, at least not to the extent this game has made it. Inquisitor's aren't enhanced humans. So I would enhance this game by making it more about an inquisitor's retinue.

Favorite quotes from Inquisitor Eisenhorn "Whom do you serve?" "The emperor" "Then pretend I am he and you shall not be far off"

"My patience is limited. Unlike my authority"

4 years 245 days ago

I disagree with your first two comments on speed of progression and skill point amount, if anything it's a touch speedy as is, skill points, gear unlocks and more are constantly provided as you advance(nearly every campaign mission). 

 Your comment about having enemies scale with you is hilarious and such things are some of the dumbest going on in gaming, what's funny is you make this claim after asking for the progression to be made easier for you too. 

It's also funny how you round it all out by saying you, 

"Things I would pay for (honestly I think one of the biggest mistakes of this game is focusing solely on the inquisition,"

I was going to say initially that it sounds like you bought the wrong game, a person with room temperature IQ would think INQUISITOR: MARTYR's focus would be on anything but the Inquisition. 

I can't wait to hear about other "improvements" you have in mind.

4 years 245 days ago

thank you for your list of suggestions! I will forward it for later consideration!