Van Helsing Franchise:

Steam Summer Sale!


Greetings, Hunters!

The Steam Summer Sale is here and this is now our biggest, most incredible discount yet on the Van Helsing franchise: every game in the series (including bundles, DLCs, Final Cut and Deathtrap) is now 80% off, even in our store (you'll get a Steam key here too)!

Here are the links to the individual games:

If this is your first time playing these games, we hope you enjoy them, and don't forget: you can always contact us at [email protected] if you experience any issues!

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Van Helsing Franchise: Steam Summer Sale!
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6 years 304 days ago

Please, fix the damn network error, so I can play with my friends in this sale! Ty :)

6 years 300 days ago

Please send community.log file found in Documents/NeocoreGames/Van Helsing Final Cut/SaveGame/*randomnumbers*/ to [email protected]? It would provide a great help to us.

6 years 299 days ago
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6 years 299 days ago
Posted by MiniElven 6 years 299 days ago
This quote contains a deleted content, so nothing to see here...

I bought these games and I was very disappointed and could not create an account online

6 years 294 days ago
Valkyrie Neocore

I tried more ways,and guess what?

Only use VPN connect US lines can log in,so maybe lock IP?

By the way,I'm living in China.

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6 years 290 days ago

Can i tranfer my save from VH1,2 to Final Cut edition?

6 years 282 days ago

Well unlike the 2nd one the final cut and the 3rd don't have this option,probably because of major problems(at least from what i read)