Unplayable Game


This Game is unplayable for me.

I dont get how to progress in this Game?! 

In Story Missions you own the Enemys like nothing. In every other Mission, you get your ass handled to you.

Even with my strongest Gear / Weapons i cant do enough damage to Bosses to avoid that they are heal and get back to 100%.

I dont get the large Gap of difficult and it makes no sense to me. Up to 70% less damage done and 50% or more damage taken? Why not 100%? This is so stupid and frustrating. 

And the respawn is so useless if you are respawning in the enemy horde.

Can anyone tell me how to progress?

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Unplayable Game
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5 years 325 days ago
I actually have no idea what you are talking about. It works fine for me (Melee Assassin build with Distortion). I completed the main story without any gameplay problems(not talking about bugs). When I read the title of your post I thought you were talking about bugs. If you want to get suggestions how you can make further progress or whatever, ask precisely.
5 years 325 days ago
Tbh it is working fine for me on ps4
5 years 327 days ago
In all fairness I think I am a mission or two away from completing this game. 

I play on challenging mode on challenging difficulty..I love that it allows you to vary the difficulty on each mission play through (shame it's not on every mission)

A sniper with a crit and aimed tree is scary powerful. I one shot everything other than red bosses who take 3 charged shots.

Stil at one stage I played through a couple of missions on challenging with the random scenario guy.

Gear up an kick arse bro

5 years 327 days ago
You can always switch back to story mode. There are time when you have to do a few random missions to advance a bit further. 

BTW: there are Missions later on (Warzone for example) when you do 90% less damage and take 400% extra damage. And it still is possible to win :)

5 years 327 days ago
I see what i have done wrong, i changed to challenge mode to early.

Now i am stuck in the research Station due to a door that will not open...

this Game is so full of bugs, so disapointing.

5 years 327 days ago
If you are talking about the story mode, there are gaps in the campaign so players are more encouraged to do random starmap missions before continuing the story.

A good build is essential for quick progress in Martyr, with a special focus on relic item enchants.