Unique weapons and armor


Coming from Grim Dawn-style ARPGs, one thing that I sorely miss in Inquisitor is loreful unique weapons and armor. The great majority of loot in Inquisitor consists of generic items with randomly assigned bonuses so it feel very disposable. What would be a step-up from hand-crafted unique items (which takes a lot of developer time), though, is some sort of "living" weapon setup. For example, when you create a new character, you can choose a "heirloom" weapon that will level up with you as you progress in the game. It will also level up in a way that adapts to what you're doing with the weapon in-game. Similar to what we already have with some weapons that unlock bonuses after certain condition (kill X enemies, deal X amount of critical damage) is met, but this would be more "reactive". If you take this weapon on missions against Tyranids, it will eventually add a bonus against them, die to many times with it - it will add some defensive bonus. I think a system like that will add a lot to immersion. 

I searched for a unique items discussion on the forum, but couldn't find anything. Was this point raised during early access?

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Unique weapons and armor
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2 years 228 days ago
The Unique Gear point was raised many, many times. Heirloom wasn't. Perhaps it's some restriction from GW, or something like that - anyway, at *one* point we had "Warzone Relics", which were essentially uniques, but they were removed during the WZ reconstruction - they exist ingame, but aren't anything special - mainly because they's lvl40-70 or so... 

Except ONE of them, which definitely *should* be removed (or fixed), which has a decimal point error, making it probably most valuable item in the game - I *hope* it is fixed, because new players can't get it which puts some players in unfair advantage... (funny, i have almost all WZ relics, except that one - but it doesn't matter, that item needs to go).

Will there be Uniques? I just can say that I hope they will be added, with low drop-rate, *not* as a purchase in the shop and with *little* random properties - Morality items have main unique property, which can't be found on other items of the same type or at all - but they are just weapons and armours. They can't be bought and each one I found was as a reward in Void Crusade. This is the closest you can currently get, so VCs, find keys and aim for Morality chest at the final mission... (NOTE: getting those from morality chest isn't mandatory, just a chance).