unable to play


I own a ASUS ROG GL753VD gaming laptop, a this time I can play any game out on the market except this one. I can start the game, see the intro, create a char,  watch vid where the ship enters cruiser, all the way until i kill 1st enemy and right after that my computer will shutoff. All my drivers are up to date , running m1050 nvidia. any thoughts on what I need to do to play?

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unable to play
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6 years 28 days ago
First thing with an issue like this is to check temperatures, most PC's will shut themselves off to avoid damage if they get too hot and this game is fairly poorly optimised and can give graphics cards a hard time. CPUID Hardware Monitor has a free version to use. 

If its not that then I would suggest seeing if its a crash, older versions of windows had an option that was normally automatically checked to restart the pc on Blue Screen crashes, not 100% sure if Win 10 has it but it would be worth checking out as it could yield information as to the cause.

After that you need to start looking at Power Supply and RAM as both of these could cause the issue as well, there are several free programs to test RAM.