Unable to complete Rescue mission


While  in a Void Crusade I took a Rescue mission. Tarrot cards if helpfull in any way are extra psalm for the major, extra void shards and extra tarrot cards in the minor

I have rescued 2 of 3 teams and when I got in the room with the 3rd one I pulled a bit back to kill an incomming hord in the previous room. It seems that everyone in the room attacked and were killed, I got the audio "confirmation" that the 3rd team had been saved but they won't move. I cleared the rest of the map to the evacutaion point and the 2 teams that were following me got out. The last one is stuck and I will have to abandon the mission as it can't be completed. Maybe a "friendly fire" mecanism can be added to kill them and be able to complete the mission if this happens again?

Unsure if relevant but please see the screenshot:

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Unable to complete Rescue mission
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5 years 19 days ago

To avoid such a problem, you must give 3 teams to join the battle. Then there will be no error. If you kill all the enemies before the 3 team makes at least one shot, an error will occur and you will not be able to complete the mission.

5 years 19 days ago
This is one of our top priority issues atm, we are working on a fix as we speak!
5 years 19 days ago
Hello, this has just happened to me.   Exact same situation.   Void rescue mission,  recived the audio confirmation stating the last group has been saved.  They are standing in the back corner of the room with a red circle around them on the map but they just stand there and wont move.   Cannot complete the mission.  

This then blocks completion of the mission, and you cannot move further through that void mission path.  I have not been able to enjoy a single void session due to buggy mission failures locking paths for progression wasting void shards over and over.   

5 years 19 days ago
added a second screenshot with the map info if it's relevant. Same map layout and mission type in a new void crusade and same bug happened again
5 years 24 days ago
The issue is under investigation as it happens to other players as well. We will fix it as soon as possible!