UI, QoL and other Acronymes



It is me, Mighty Snakefist, commenting on The Game! And UI! Yesyes and quality of life in Imperium of Man and FORUMS!

3. FORUMS may look nice and spacey and futuristic, but... they are single least intuitive mess of posts - more like a bulletin board, without any structure. There are, like, a million ways to make this more readable (there isn't any search function, for example), most popular/recent threads can be listed left, or on top of the page, we could have organized topics...

2. A Quality of Life and Death, by Mighty Snakefist (and his many minions) - affixes are, basically, what we see now, aren't they? Nothing wrong with that, except it could be more... visible. Some of us, you know, live in non-Euclidian geometries and vague forms such as 'cone' or something similar aren't intuitive... 

How about putting a small cone icon next to cone-skill (perhaps also notifier somewhere - Snakefist understands that this part is still under construction - that skill is enhanced, and by what amount)?

Fleshbane and Reborn Heretic - hmmm... same, ok - that fleshbane thing is likely more devastating on unarmored target... but how much? And is Reborn Heretic an unarmored target? It should be marked right here (points a mithril-plated nunchakus to the screen), plenty of space there! Where? Here! (points again, this time knocking) NEXT TO THE NAME! Some basic info... Whatif same weapons has multiple attack modes? And player doesn't really know which is the best for that particular opponent? Some kind of info would be useful...

1. The Game - is everything Mighty Snakefist dreamed of! Really! Except his aging computer (borrowed: 'divine and holy') isn't quite capable to cope with it, but it will change SOON! For the first time he thinks 24" may... not be enough. But he's adrift! The Game is... is... [visibly shaken] it's deep, men. Seriously, awesome and if you expected some kind of constructive criticism and suggestions... they are none. BEAUTIFUL! Skill system, also. [Snakefist bows in respect. A several glasses are spilled during the process]

Still, one question: Why can't a person qualified use TWO weapons, for instance sword and pistol? Can't confirm this is always the case, but it was in several cases when he tried, and... If it won't work afterwards, why is he allowed to equip such combination, against His wishes?

Best of luck,

Mighty Snakefist

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UI, QoL and other Acronymes
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6 years 18 days ago
More on skilltrees - Snakefist guesses B, E, M are for beginner, expert master - a Mastery was 'complained about' in last post, but there's a lot of similar things - namely 'if there is no/more-than-x enemies in x meters' stuff... He said it in VH:FC, and he says it now - that kind of improvement is not very exciting... because most players don't know where 15m limiter is. And honestly don't care. In VH:FC it wasn't much of a problem. There were 1-2 affixes on an item working correctly (and most important, invisible), but not cared for by player, but here... It is a whole level sacrificed (not for The Emperor but) exclusively to distance based bonuses. Or bonuses relying on something (as suppression) being within strict borders.
6 years 19 days ago
Skilltrees - Snakefist has to admit that those are somewhat... disappointing.

Listen to this:

"Gives 2% extra damage (up to max 40%) on each hit, as long as the cooldown between consecutive hits is greater than 2 seconds"


Snakefist, in his wisdom, seriously suggests reconsidering this type of rewards in favour of something... substantial. Something GLORIOUS! MIGHTY! Something that gives him, and potential co-op players, clear knowledge that he is a master of Melee, or whatever... This is way too tactical... Complicated... Looking up cooldowns, cooldown reductions, suppression status and colour, checking calendar and horoscope etc...

How about (if the reward HAS TO BE strictly numerical) "reducing melee cooldowns for 10-20%"? Regardless of the conjunction between Venus and Pluto?

Best of luck,


6 years 22 days ago
While on QoL, could weapons actions be switchable? Mighty Snakefist, in his wisdom, uses additional mouse buttons, but most of mice out there aren't perfect and... Also, whatif someone wants to put keyboard skill on say, rightclick?
6 years 22 days ago

Alpha-forum, it's alright then... 

One suggestion, perhaps - forum rank... it's traditionally based (well, in most cases, but not everywhere) on a number of posts only. This gives a nice opportunity for forum trolls - the type that cites whole post, followed by 'LOL' (League of Legends? Have to be that, since post cited by that specific type are mostly very legitimate, and not at all deserved to be ridiculed by persons who post 20+ times a day)...

After getting a highest rank possible, this type actually starts to think themselves a masters of whatever-is-in-question, and considers their duty to ridicule new poster with normal questions ('Search is your friend' example - generic answer on forums where Snakefist was member 10+ years, checking messages daily, and answer is NOT a search result) or act arrogant and dismissive...

Some forums have 'helpful' tag, and base level on that (not ideal, but better than solely number)...

Best of luck,


6 years 22 days ago
Welcome, Snakefist! :) 

You can filter by categories on the new community page, which basically is the same deal as a regular forum! (Although I agree in everything with you, but this is what we have and what we will have - with a lot more features over time as Morzan said already.)

Sword+Pistol and similar stuff have bugged animations at the moment, hence the inability to use them.

6 years 22 days ago

This is a forum/devblog hybrid which is called Community Hub. It's like reddit I think. Still under development, so there will be much more -like the search function what you've mentioned- but other features like notification system or the rank system etc.