Introduction to the lore of the warp - For old/New players


Let me know what you think :D - Acting criticism is also allowed! lel

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Introduction to the lore of the warp - For old/New players
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6 years 269 days ago
it was enjoyable but i didnt like the lack of certainty in the voice. like an inquisitors explanations are absolut and certain. the effect created by sometimes repeating the word or correcting the first word gives an impression of uncertanty or fear but they never fear because the great emperor of mankind protects them
6 years 270 days ago

Har, be prepared for a 20 year heavy Lorehammer crashing down ;)

Not sure, it sounds like a half way confession of a heretic, a story told by void sailor and the superstition of a normal citizen at the same time.

It seems to lack a bit of a red line with regards to the above,

I would recommend scripting it more precisely, like for example an Inquisitor who is currently investigating a case and records voice logs of what he encountered, possibly theorising for possible causes or likely results, then within that context the Chaos lore background would then be able to be presented in either the most horrific or seducing way, depending on how you want to play it :)you can also create some small video effects for the introduction to bind it more into the universe

As for the intro I would go classic simplistic approach such as used in the Warhammer 40K Space Marine Intro, where on sees (assuming) a cogitator display showing the communication between imperial authorities on how to deal with the issue at hand

6 years 271 days ago
Cool video! Keep it up!