Twitch Integration


Just wanted to ask if we could get a 4 player Co-op twitch event voting system like Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for bosses, hordes and buffs, debuffs.

Its really great for streamers to be interactive with the heretical twitchchat and its a great way to promote the game 

(sorry if its already written down somewhere and i missed it)

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Twitch Integration
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6 years 67 days ago
Really agree - It's works on so many levels. Great fun to play, great to watch, great to interact with. Love it. 
6 years 67 days ago
Great idea! I will add this to our feature requests list.
6 years 66 days ago

An excellent idea!

Perhaps some community members could participate, too - in which case we should reach some kind of agreement on level and classes (or, I believe, NeoCore - namely Honya, hahahaha - can edit chars for that purpose)... Could even be weekly event, if nothing else is planned...

Maybe more than one team per stream... Could really make the game more popular!

6 years 64 days ago
As I streamer, I love this idea. Having my chat torture me in Vermintide leads to some pretty memorable moments.