Offensive name?


Out of curiosity..

Why is name "John Acey" offensive to somebody in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III ..?

I tryed creating character with my name, and I got message:

"Your hero's name could be offensive to others, you will be banned from on-line play."

Just baffles my mind a bit..

Like is that some sorta secret code for gays or colour racism, or something I've never heard about in english language.. or in any language for that matter?

I tried leaving every letter off from my name just to see if it's like a short part of my name that's offensive but..

ohn Acey

Jhn Acey

Jon Acey

Joh Acey

John cey

John Aey

John Acy

John Ace

All these were fine.. just that "John Acey" isn't fine..

Can anybody give any sign of reason what the heck it could be...?

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Offensive name?
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