Toxicrene in Void Crusade Panic Room


The patch notes said you shouldn't get a Toxicrene in the ebony void crusade panic room mission any more, but one spawned for me just now. It killed the NPC when it died so I failed the mission. :(

The void crusade was only started yesterday (Sat 10th Aug), so it was definitely after the patch.

It wasn't in the final room. It was in the one before that - the first elite you encounter after picking up the NPC.

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Toxicrene in Void Crusade Panic Room
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118 days ago
Yeah, it wasn't the one in the final room that was replaced.  This was the elite mob that you meet a couple of rooms before that, just after you collect the NPC. I guess that one can spawn randomly as anything?
118 days ago
Indeed, we replaced it to make the mission more easily doable but we will check on it once again!