Too much for me


Well, with old bugs still in (crafting results much worse than they should be) and new ones introduced while adding new features (actual mission modifiers harder than in the mission description, assult jump for crusader not working properly [can't jump over obstacles or up a cliff]), the st**id aiming roulette instead of a proper aiming tool, Ogryn that regenerate (sometimes at insane speed) although as a race they should not according to WH40k-lore (let them have lots of HP, but not Regeneration) and a large part of the techtree still missing (and thus untested until release), I do no longer see this as the game I want to play.

I do not even see its release in 2018-Q1...

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Too much for me
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6 years 111 days ago
Dev's I hope your taking note of this because this is the same way I feel. You have broken the game.